ITT: I answer that topic about weird things from a few months ago.

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User Info: Cucumberflant

6 years ago#1
in a sometimes silly way because why not

^this topic that is.

1) Constant exposure to the missiles has caused the little green guy to grow huge. The bulldozer is so dang big because it needs to be huge if it's going to level entire buildings without so much as slowing down.

2) The builders of the machines had extra time on their hands so they thought "oh why not it would be neat". Also, from another topic on the missing arm: TRIVIA: a decade after the game was released, one of the rare developers stated that the reason why Thunder fist has only 1 arm, is because there was litterally not enough memory left on the cartridge to give him another one. He looked pretty cool with just one arm, so they left him like that.

3) They used their advanced machines to alter the planet in ways that are presumably better than before maybe I dunno.

4) I'm supposing that nobody can deactivate it directly because they're weapons, and were probably designed so that they couldn't be "defused". And maybe the radioactive liquid or whatever fried the bit that can be turned off. Little green guy has a special suit. Putting a hole in the gas tank may have been too risky because if you screw up place go boom.

5) Vacation time after you stopped the carrier? (I always do them after the main missions so yeah.)

6) Because it's fun.

7) They couldn't leave because there was radiation everywhere. Once you started activating the RDUs, then they could safely run to safety. No time to call them to tell them it's safe, so you just flattened their house and suddenly they realized that they can leave now.

8) They're hermit scientists so they don't have phones or nothin.

9) Hermit scientists got bored?

10) This one I can actually answer in a kinda serious way. During the intro thing that plays when you don't push any buttons for awhile, it (kindamaybeidunno) tells you their names and that they're part of your team. The little green dude (I think his name is Wesley? Maybe?) does speak, he says that little "NO!" noise when you try to leave your car in a spot you can't.

11) In those levels they use a prototype J-Bomb which isn't waterproof maybe.

12) I'm guessing that when they dropped the little green dude down onto the level, they also put the vehicles in places where they'd be needed. The demolition vehicles are probably all owned by the company they all work for. The regular cars are probably owned by regular people and when the disaster hit they just got out and ran back home in the panic.

I got bored. Can you tell?

User Info: Sh4rkb1t3

6 years ago#2
Thanks for the reply, but here is the real answer to everything.

The team that made Blast Corps was small. Rare back then didn't have a lot of money, so they couldn't make a risky blockbuster title.

So they made a game, and it was fun, but they didn't have the resources to polish everything up, explain all the details, and tie up loose ends. They wanted to make a fun game with big explosions and big trucks. The result was that they had a bunch of fun, random ideas and scenarios and stitched them together through a menu screen (the world map).

Who is the green man? Who are the people on his team? Why are the vehicles scattered all over the place? Why do they have to destroy everything? There are no answers to these questions, because the answers never existed. That is the explanation we have to be satisfied with.

User Info: 8-BitPenguin

6 years ago#3

lol, I wont even try to answer those questions, this game is so crazy that since the first time I played it I never took it seriously, I wonder why it has some intense music while in other levels it plays banjo songs.

Its just a fun game that doesn't try to explain things too much. This lack of sense gives it a certain oldschool apeal. Games nowadays aways tries to come up with crazy story to explain some weird gameplay mechanics or just to put you in a situation or level that was clearly thought even before they come up with the story.

Imagine Blast Corps with a serious tone, a serious story with deep characters and stuff, it would be a weird game trying to be what it was not meant to be, serious.

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