I demand a sequel.

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User Info: Sh4rkb1t3

6 years ago#1
Take my money!!!!!

It would be totally awesome. Imagine blast corps with current generation graphics and a cohesive story.

User Info: sonik2049

6 years ago#2
Hell yes this game is my 3rd best game overall to N64 (after Oot and Mario 64).

When Rare joind microsoft to make games to the old xbox a sequel WAS annonced but it dissiperad from rares release list a year later.

At least a HD remake to Xbla.

User Info: Historic Trunks

Historic Trunks
5 years ago#3
They seriously announced a sequel at one point?


Heck, I'd pay the same amount for a sequel on the n64 as I did for the original NIB blast corps.
dot dot dot
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  3. I demand a sequel.

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