Mutant Dragon Glitch?

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User Info: SuperLocke44

9 years ago#1
Okay umm... so I've been playing this on my ps3, finally wanting to beat it... but yeah, the dragons I have are Aura, Kaiser, and Weyr.... but I also had mutant until a little while ago.

I got it in that shrine, used it, then went on playing the game. I loaded it for the first time in about 4 days today, and went to fight Won-Qu, I'm at Astana now (level 30) if that makes any bit of a difference, but when I was in the fight with Won-Qu and went to transform into Kaiser, I noticed that.... I didn't have Mutant anymore.

He was just gone, from the list, from my status screen, from everything. I figured it must have been a glitch, so I went back to the shrine, thinking i must have forgotten to save and reloaded at some point after getting mutant or whatever, but his dragon gem is gone too!

Mutant is nowhere to be found! Is this a well-known glitch, or is this just a freak thing happening?
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User Info: TGPrimus

9 years ago#2
Did you give him to the chinese looking guy in the city right after the dungeon you get Mutant in? I forget all of those important names, sorry >< but he also wanted Sishu or pottery. If you gave him Mutant, Mutant's gone. At least he's the worst dragon.

User Info: Kalesfury

9 years ago#3
You ended up giving it away. Don't worry, just finish the game without it, and make a clear save. Then you can go back and get it again.

As for it being the worst dragon, that's debatable. While magic has never been that good compared to physical attacks so the wisdom boost isn't so hot (250% multiplier in the evolved form!), Stardrops' success rate is ridiculously high compared to the standard stat droppers, dropping each affected stat to minimum (50%), and can hit the most times out of any breath attack (requires high amounts of game points though).

It's also pygmy dragon cute.
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User Info: ChrisTurk

9 years ago#4
But one of the upsides to this game is that magic is every bit as good as physical attacks and skills, unlike most other games where one is usually overpowered and the other kinda sucks.
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