Question about the three deleted scenes (SPOILERS)

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  3. Question about the three deleted scenes (SPOILERS)

User Info: kaili07

9 years ago#1
Does anyone know what Yuna says after Fou-Lu beheads Soniel in this scene deleted or altered in the NA and EU versions?

Part of the scene was translated at but the translator skipped Yuna's lines. I also noticed that in the island bath scene, there were missing dialogue boxes on the translated screenshots, so the translations were only partially completed. The Shikk scene may not have been properly translated also. So, if anyone is generous enough to translate all the deleted scenes, here are the links for the videos of the other two:

Island bath scene:
Shikk Ursula scene:

User Info: Elicorian

9 years ago#2
no idea but Foulou>Everyone

User Info: LaskRau

9 years ago#3
I can't translate either, but I imagine Yuna said something referring to the sword he just picked up. Maybe "This will come in handy later" or something. Thanks for the clips though, I'd been looking for the deleted scenes. Also explains why Yuna had the sword in the first place. Always confused me.

I'm actually very surprised they cut what they did.
Ahhh, censorship.
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User Info: kaili07

9 years ago#4
Yeah, the censorship don't really make sense. In BOFIII, Deis was clearly naked when she beat up Garr, yet that scene was not edited.

I also thought Yuna gave the emperor a fake Dragonslayer which explained why Fou Lu survived the stabbing. But after seeing the full scene, it's clear that there was no fake Dragonslayer.

User Info: Allen Tax

Allen Tax
9 years ago#5
I presume because he isn't whole, the sword wouldn't work.
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User Info: hergman

9 years ago#6
at that time censorship was severe but no very coherent

User Info: DuranDD

9 years ago#7
I think it's simply because Fou-Lu 's very powerful.
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User Info: Rei23

9 years ago#8
For the Shikk and bath scene, I think they took it out because of what the characters said moreso than anything else. Though it is in no way offensive now, I don't think they would have wanted Nina commenting Ursula's looks while naked in the water. Nor would they have wanted Ursula offering to show her rear with her pants already down. >_> Course, now a days thats nothing. But for a relatively mild game from back in the day these were some big jumps. But it looks like the scenes are missing translations (Like you pointed out, there a message boxes missing. Two full message boxes in Japanese don't equal "Hmph" In English. )

I guess the Fou-Lou scene kinda makes sense.... But they could have just not shown where he cut his head off, and then just shown his corpse on the ground and continued from there. They kinda cut out a big part of the story....Then again, you have no Idea what Yuna said. Maybe he told Fou-Lou he liked the way he looked? >_<
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  3. Question about the three deleted scenes (SPOILERS)

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