Master Planning & optimum skills use.

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User Info: ninakoru

8 years ago#1
Well, these are my thoughts on the matter, of course is only my opinion after all. I was bored and I wrote this to share my thoughts and maybe discuss the issues exposed if someone has different ideas :P

I made a list to know as what approximate levels (playing normally and not grinding) you get access to master with characters.

Master/Character playthrough access

Rwolf - L9-10
Stoll - L11-12

Una - L13-14
Njomo - L15-16
Momo - L15-16

Abbess - L19-20
Marlok - L19-20
Kryrik - L21-23
Gyosil - L21-23
Lyta - L21-23
Kahn - L22-24
Bunyan - L23-25

Master global plan

As soon as i get Rwolf, I aprentice EVERYONE to him. Both Cray and Ryu will get only benefits from 2 or 3 levels and when I have chance, I change them to stoll. When I get scias, I put it to Stoll too, and as soon I get Una, Cray, Ryu and Scias go directly to her. Nina and Ershin all the way with Rwolf, as they will be strong magic users.

Once I get Njomo, Ryu and Sciass go with her for a few levels, to help counter the massive AP loss with Una, and to get some extra agility for randoms specially. Once I get Ursula, she goes with Una too, and then when i have chance I change Nina,Ershin and Ursula to Abbess.

As soon I get to krylik, this will be the main master only for Cray, as the Agility and extra wisdom dump you get is not good for the rest. Gyosil is a great master too for the physical ones, I usually mix him for 3-4 levels in a row with Ryu, Cray and Scias, to get some durable AP pools, and later one levels 35+ I go with him again for another few levels.

The rest of the time, Ryu and Scias go with Una, Cray with krylik, Ershin goes with Abbess all the way, Nina goes with Abbess too until I feel she's too fragile, then change her again to Rwolf, And ursula combos Una/Abbess, to get little power and wisdom boosts.

On level 40+ once, characters have solid builds, I get Ryu and Ursula to Bunyan, Cray continues with Krylik, Scias goes with Khan, and Nina/Ershin go with Abbess all the way.

Ershin is a special character that can properly abuse Una, because his very low AP/Wisdom growth, mostly 0-1 growth, that will make Una negative bonuses have very little impact until level 25, at that level Ershin start to increase AP and Wisdom gains, then you should change to Abbess. You could also go with Ershin on the physical way, making "it" an incredibly durable physical character, but you lose a great magician, with natural access to all level 3 magic, geat to combo magic.

Resuming it would look something like this:

Rwolf (9-11) - Stoll (11-13) - Una(14-16) - Njomo (17-19) - Una (20-23) - Gyosil (24-27) - Una (28-38) - Gyosil (39-41) - Bunyan (42+)

Rwolf(9-20) - Abbess(21-34) - Rwolf (35-41) - Abbess(41+)

Rwolf (9-11) - Stoll (11-13) - Una(14-23) - Gyosil (24-27) - Krylik (28-38) - Gyosil (39-41) - Krylik (42+)

Una(14-16) - Njomo (17-22) - Gyosil (23-24) - Una (25-38) - Gyosil (39-41) - Khan (41+)

Rwolf(9-20) - Abbess(21+)

Ershin - Hybrid Alternate
Rwolf (9-11) - Una(12-24) - Abbess(25-41) - Bunyan (42+)

Abbess (21-26) - Una (27-31) - Abbess (32-36) - Una (37-41) - Bunyan (42+)

If you take into account those items you get through the game that alter permanently physical stats, you could go more aggressive master-wise, countering some losses it with them.

User Info: ninakoru

8 years ago#2
Item boost tunning


(+10 Hp) -> Nina
(+1 AP) - Ryu - Cray
(+1 Atk) -> Ryu - Scias - Ursula
(+1 Def) -> Nina
(+1 Wis) -> Ershin Ursula
(+1 Agi) -> Scias - Ershin

Changes in learnings:

Ryu: Gyosil (39-41) can be Una instead
Nina: Rwolf (35-41) would be not that necessary, so Abbess all the way.
Cray: Gyosil (24-27) out, Krylik from 28+
Scias: You can trade 4 Njomo levels with 2 Una + 2 Gyosil.
Ershin & Ursula: No Master changes, you boost what they most need and are not superior with. Ershin can be average speed character (with lighting armor for randoms, it will attack before most enemies), And Ursula as hybrid would boost her damage in all ways.

How I get the best use of this

Vs Randoms you can go physical with Ryu - Scias - Ursula, or make some hard combos with Ursula - Nina - Ershin.

Vs Bosses Cray is the damage king, then Ryu in Dragon form, and the third character could be Nina healing or Scias with shining blade.

Skills at their best

Ursula works quite good with triple blow and shadow Walk, with an all-attack weapon.

Scias is at his best with Tiger Fist, and comes with the always handy Shining Blade.

Shadow Walk is great for Ryu, as all elemental attacks (Flame strike, searing sand..)

Cray can make a good use too of Supercombo and Triple blow, and Last resortfor some massive damage (he can stand hits thanks to his huge Hp pool)

Nina can make a devastating attack with Magic ball, that can combo with other physical skills.

Inferno and Plateau are great for Nina, and Icicle for Ursula.

Focus works wonders with any physical fighter, for boss ass-kicking, maybe scias with 2-hit weapon can get this skill at the best.

Some tactics

A great physical opening for bosses is the following:

- Ryu transforms (Wyrm < Warrior < Controlable Kaiser), Cray cast shield, and Scias cast War shout.

- Ryu uses ShadowWalk, Cray cast Last Resort, Scias cast Focus.

- Ryu uses ShadowWalk, Cray use SuperCombo, Scias use Shining Blade.

Great for healing-boosting all: Someone cast celerity, Scias and Nina cast vitalize. (+40% all stats to everyone, fully healed)

On the Magical combos, you have lots of possibilities. The best ones I can think of are:

Ershin > Earthquake, Ursula > Inferno, Nina > Flame Pilar (both to Ragnarok)

Ursula > Fireblast/Inferno, Ershin & Nina > Typhoon (Gigaflare)

Well, thats all, thanks for reading.
I am the name for the dead beings - St. Eva
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