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User Info: arhcamt

4 years ago#31
hmm.. this is interesting. i might try some for my next playthrough. my challenge for this current playthrough is to level up every knights in my country to 30 then... fill up their rune power with all lv 30 monsters. i think i need a lot of time for that so i picked easy because the deadline is 60 years. it has been quite interesting so far, just got my first ever lv 30 fairy. :D

User Info: redalerter

4 years ago#32
Just finished 5-month speed run challenge with Esgares, it's short-lived but very fun. Really brings into play the knight distribution on the world map.

Evidence for those don't want to attempt it because it seems impossible:

User Info: Rune Caster

Rune Caster
4 years ago#33
You know an insane challenge would be to hack the game and increase the rune gains of all castles by like 70% to 100 % and add upgraded summons to every castle (as In the AI can summon level 10 and 20 Monsters) might make things really fun...
You have to be careful with those bulls. For instance...
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