Norgard Run (Third times charm)

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User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#1
So...... I was talking to an army buddy about this game and it made me wanna play, so I came home and loaded it up, thinking I would jump in and just roll some people....... boy was I wrong. I loaded up my Norgard file, thinking that I would be sitting on an army to rival the gods...... nope, I then remembered that Norgard was who I was doing my "Knights Only" challenge with when I took a break.

So....... just to catch you guys up to where we left can look up my original thread here :

Now.... to catch you up with where I am.....

It seems my gambit paid off, when I logged back in, Almekia only had 1 castle left, so I finished them off by ganging their lvl 13 King..... he went down easy enough. I have been concentrating on Iscalio at this point, the only promoted they have left is the High Centuar..... which is a pain.

Cai has 45 monster at his disposal, so that will take some serious time to whittle away........ I will try to continue to update and maybe finally finish this.

Another piece of disappointment, Dillard didn't level how I had hoped, some poor stat growth and he is sitting at 101str, 137AGI..... short of where I wanted him but.... no resets for stat growth control.

Some tips to throw out for people wanting to try this challenge later.....

Priests are your beasts, they have decent strength growth, and can become either NASTY samurai's to attack with (Think 6 Iai attacks) or monster Ninja's to defend with.

Don't attack a knight when their health is between 250-300 unless you know FOR SURE you will kill them, otherwise wait till your next turn to make sure. Knights run/heal as soon as they fall under 250hp.

Try to make sure each team has someone with "cure" spell, and put that person on castle hex if you are battling any scorpians/mandrakes/rocs. AI is big on throwing those at you for status effect, 1 luck strike from roc or mandrake will QUICKLY end a defense attempt. Castle hex will help you dodge, the cure anyone else who gets hit.

Anyway, back to the grind.......

User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#2
ugg........ just remembered how angry you can get trying to do this challenge.....

Caerleon is down to 2 castles, Iscalio is down to 1. Just trying to take out some monsters....... my attack force was solid, a Valkyrie, a Ninja/Priest and a Paladin. 3 people who can heal, and 2 people with 0mp range attacks.....

Well my Pally got hit by a mandrake..... and stunned. So of course every monster close attacked him while they had 100% hit rate and no counterattack. So Valkyrie heals, Ninja cures, Paladin heals.

Then the mandrake strikes again.... and stuns again...... obviously I am cussing at this point, waste of time, turns, and mp..... so once again, Ninja cures, Pally and Valkyrie both heal him.

When the mandrake stuns me for a third turn in a row..... I lost it and started screaming at the damn game...... at this point he died. 4-5 attacks per turn up against 2 heals, never gunna happen.

My other two survived the fight, but 3 wasted turns and 66% of my firepower, 12 turns weren't enough to take them out.

Unfortunately, it is 2am now and my kids will be up in 5 hours..... time to call it a night. Should be able to finish this up tomorrow.

User Info: brigandine_punk

4 years ago#3
A++ story about the mandrake.

God how I miss cussing at Brigandine during challenge runs...

User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#4
Well, played for a bit last night. Managed to finally get Caerleon and Iscalio down to 1 castle each. They are both pinned into the Iscalio area.

Caerleon is in the castle west of Iscalio's main, and Iscalio is pinned in the very bottom most eastern castle. So they are both pinned in with only 2 castles.

I have a feeling Caerleon is going to go down first, if they attack my castle pinning in Iscalio, then they will be in turn attacked by a different castle and screwed. Whittling away, all over but the crying at this point.

A helpful tip for anyone looking to do this challenge later...... Cai is a joke. He might be the scariest mage in the game but he is easily neutralized. Just focus your attack on 1 monster, get their health into the danger zone (under 250) and Cai will heal 90% of the time. If you force Cai to be a priest then he is no longer a problem.

This goes for all mages, if you have a dangerous priest near you (word.divine ray) then just force them to heal someone. If you have a dangerous mage nearby, 2 hits normally force them to run because health is under 250.

User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#5
Went ahead and logged in, figured I would finish this game off...... did not go as I had expected. I was both right and wrong in my previous guess.....

Caerleon did attack my troops at Iscalio's main castle, and I did come at them from behind to easily wipe them out...... but I got an attack in on Iscalio first.... so they died first. lol

Month 12 Year 225 : Game Over

So I got an attack in on Iscalion, they had no Dryst cause I had taken him out in the previous month. They went out fighting, just not fighting well..... Iria, Camden and another mage. Wasn't overly difficult cause I attacked with 2 ninjas and an Artemis.

Then Caerleon attack me with everything they had. Fortunately I had 2 castle hexes so I really wasn't worried. Plus Lecarra was determine to "Frost" Vaynard to death...... unfortunately he has a blue orb, and the Pin of defense..... so each frost did 70-75 damage, and the castle healed him 100......

Then I attacked Caerleon and it was 2 Samuri and Shiraha vs 2 mage and a lvl 17 Adilicia..... needless to say Caerleon went out with a whimper.

Join me again on my next No Monster challenge.....
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