Best bang for your rune buck

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User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#1
Which monster do you think is the most valuable when compared to their rune cost?

In my opinion, it has to be the vampire lord. For only 70 rune, you get a 3 black element monster, with a ranged attack, weakness and necro rebirth as well as an attack that partially absorbs health and health regen each round and they are very tough to kill with physical attacks.

What do you think?

User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#2
There's one rule to remember for virtually any video game you ever play. It's almost always true. Quality is better than quantity. Is it better to have 1 Bahumut or 4 Jinns? What do you think? They are the same rune cost.

That being said, I believe that the top-tier monsters, that are 110+ rune cost, are generally the best bang for the buck. Tiamats, Fafnirs, Salamanders, Lucifers, and Liliths. The former 3 have 3 orbs (of varying degree), a 5-ranged breath attack they can use at least 3 times a battle (Tiamats at level 30 can generally go 4), they have extremely high STR and are HP and are really hard to kill. They are the best bang for your buck, because there's no way you can compile 120 rune power worth of something weaker and get the same effect. That's what makes the best bang for your buck. Liliths, like Vampire Lords, have Necro Rebirth and can heal themselves (as well as others, with Heal), they also have Meteor Doom, Charm, and a few single-target damage spells. Without mana, they have the option of still attack 2 spaces away. Now Lucifiers, on the other hand, I would say have the MOST bang for your buck out of any monster. They, like Liliths, can attack from 2 spaces away, can Heal, haev Meteor Doom, and have a few single-target damage spells. But they also have Holy Word and Power which makes them oh so much better.

Another one that is good bang for the buck would be High Centaurs and Pegasi. I wouldn't fill up my aresnal with High Centaurs like most people. I'm not obsessed with them. But they're not bad for 50 rune cost. Pegasi are also pretty hardy and can heal quite a few times as well as fly, which is useful. Oh, and Faeries are also good for their rune cost. React is an AMAZING skill and they're the only monsters to get it. So yeah.
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User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#3
I think, in general, you're correct. Although I would take the 4 jinns vs the bahamut. Now bear in mind That I'm assuming all Jinns are within striking distance of the bahamut and vice versa, but I'm guessing that the bahamut would take two shots to kill each Jinn.

It also depends on the levels of each monster, etc. but I think that would be a very close match, which, in that case, I suppose speaks well to the developers balancing the game.

Lucifer and Lilith are both awesome as well. I'm not as crazy about the Tiamat. It has awesome stats, but their movement ability is kind of bleck.

User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#4
One thing you guys have to keep in mind though...... you don't have to do ANYTHING that you don't want to do....... so it would be almost impossible to calculate bang for your buck. You're going about it all wrong because you have never had to change the way you think in game. I have done some pretty insane challenges and have had to adjust my mindset so many times, it has gotten easier to see outside the box.

Lets say two opposing forces come together with equal rune power (1000) and the knights cancel out.....

Lets say team "A" has : 2 Salamanders, 2 Tiamats, 2 Lucifers, 2 Vampire Lords, 2 High Centaurs, 1 Pegasus. - Sounds like a nasty endgame team right.. So lets say all monsters are lvl 30.......

Lets say team "B" has : 6 Rocs, 4 Man-Eater, 2 Hydras, 2 Angels, 4 Centaurs - A full team of 18 monsters, once again all at lvl 30 utterly unstoppable, Rocs will stone at a high rate and cry attack can stun, Man-Eaters will paralyze often, Hydras for punch, angels for heals and Centaurs to finish off guys or whittle down.

lvl 30 Roc : 750hp, 290Att, 115Def
lvl 30 Man-Eater : 920hp, 250Att, 115Def
lvl 30 Hydra : 850hp, 350Att, 120Def
lvl 30 Angel : 650hp, 250Att, 125Def, 385mp
lvl 30 Centaur : 650hp, 240Att, 125Def

And that is just a balanced team....... Imagine 8 Rocs, 8 Man-Eaters, 2 Unicorns.

Imagine facing 10 Lokis (Meteor Doom, 360ATT, 900HP) and 3 Angels for backup.

I would say 1 on 1, best bang for your buck would be a lvl 30 Phoenix. At lvl 30 they have 850hp (85 regenerated per turn), 300Att and 125Def. Their flying gives them evasion bonus against ground units, the only unit that would hurt them alot would be Tiamat, but being a ground unit with low agility will miss occasionally, and since Phoenix can fly they have the option to run, heal voice, and come back to finish off Tiamats. Run 1 turn, use heal voice, they will gain 300hp(Heal+Regen). Salamander might be able to take down, but with the healing factor, neither will do much damage to the other.

Team based, I would say best bang for your buck is easily Loki. For only 75 rune points, you can cast meteor doom from the front, then beat up on anything that doesn't have wings. Also by this promotion they don't miss quite as often when attacking, and have 900hp to fall back on anyway.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
4 years ago#5
Best to me, not in any particular order:

Lizard Guard (especially higher leveled)
Vampire Lord (higher leveled)
Any angel above regular Angel (Holy Word makes it worth it)
Faerie (with the right stuff around it)
High Centaur (preferably 15+

and to a lesser extent:

Talos and Bronze Golem as well
Any advanced Jinn (preferably blue)

^ these are good at any level, though most must come at a high level anyway

Worst imo:

Hydra (good, but slow, misses a lot, costs way more than it's worth)
Giant (costs too much for something that misses as much as it does)
Hellhound (really weak before promotion imo, I'd rather have 1 dragon than 2 of these)
Mandrake (useless if it doesn't paralyze)
Merman (useless, almost even while in the water)

^ Assuming they're level 1. They're mostly a waste of space, or are decent but cost way too much. I could see the argument that new Angels aren't that great either, mainly since they'd cost way more than they're really worth.

User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#6
Good insight everyone. It's interesting to see how many different points of view there are. That's one of the reasons I love this game so much, I learn something new every time I play.

I'm using a Thor for the first time on this play through and Thor's hammer is devastating. Its biggest weakness is that it nails most of your people too since the spell radius is so large. The good news is that once he is a higher level, I can just let him charge into a crowd and use the ability. If I did that now, he'd be dead for sure.

The phoenix is a unit that I could never bring myself to get. I mean, it has a lot of good things about it, but I find it difficult to give up the ROC's stone ability for the Phoenix's ability to heal, but from your description, they sound pretty nasty, so I think I am going to steal the one that Paternus is hauling around (I think that's his name).

I also have a Loki that I am trying to build up for some front row meteor doom action.

Another one of my favorite units is the Talos. He is a beast and to be able to throw that massive stone from 4 hexes is unbelievable.

Merman is terrible, but the absolute worst unit, in my opinion, is the scorpion. I would take a ghoul over a scorpion any day.

User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#7
I honestly don't see how people think Talos or Bronze Golem is good, but not Tiamat. lol....Apparently higher accuracy, a spell with 100% accuracy that can attack from further away, and elemental orbs isn't good enough to make them better. And if you're gonna say Angels at level 1 are bad, Demons are worse, and in fact I'd say those 2 are the worst bang for your buck at level 1. And saying 4 Jinns would beat a Bahumut in a fight is silly. The question wasn't which would win in a fight, it's what is better in general. I'd rather have a Bahumut in a fight, in general' because it won't die in 2 hits or run out of mana and be 100% useless. Jinns can't even counter. I will agree with you all on one thing, though, and that would be that Lokis are the best bang for your buck probably. But it's so hard to get one, you just tak what you get. It's not practical to expect to have a bunch.
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User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#8
HMC - I like Hydras/Tiamats as well, my biggest complaint with them is their movement, which is why I generally choose dragons over them.

For some reason, this play through my Talos's ranged attack has been ridiculously accurate. I bet you I hit 9/10 times for 215 plus damage from 4 hexes away. Maybe it's just luck, but it has been working great so far.

The other thing I like about him is that I believe they are immune to being petrified so I use him to charge Rocs.

Can anyone confirm that? What immunities does the clay golem/stone golem/ bronze golem/ Talos have if any so status effects?

User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#9
Golems are immune to all status effecta. But a Tiamat's breat attack is 100% accurate and will do more damage to anything but blue or black element monsters. It also hits multiple targets, if set up right, and since Tiamats should be on the front lines, it shouldn't hit your own units. I know most people complain that they are too slow, but I guess it's all about play style. If you simply force all your units to stay behind your Tiamat(s) it's no big deal. Golems are slower than most too though. And anyway, Tiamats usually don't have to chase dying units. Send someone else to chase, if you must; use Tiamats to kill something else.
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User Info: End_is_near

4 years ago#10
High centaur, fenrir, pegasus, phoenix, VL ofc just my opinion ;)
"Fe4r Is The Trigger"
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