Damage formulas and hit %'s

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User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there is a resource on the internet that explains how damage is calculated and how the percent chance to a hit an opponent is calculated?

I have tried to figure out a few, but I can't seem to get it quite get it right. For example, I was relatively certain that all hit %'s with magic spells that could miss were determined by the difference in intelligence between the caster and the target. In other words, if you cast stone on someone with a higher intelligence than you, it would miss 100% of the time.

My tune has changed since the other day I used a ninja to cast stone on a Valkyrie that had 10-20 higher intelligence and it worked.

I'm now starting to think that character level may partly play a role in hit%, but I can't confirm or deny that 100%.

Do any of you have any insight or resources that I can look at?

User Info: Lionheartyz

4 years ago#2
For straight melee damage, it is Att-Def+Variable = damage.

So if a guy has 300Att, and the enemy has 150Def, then you should do roughly 140-160 damage per strike, critical adds another 25%.

If I remember right, magic damage is calculated Casters INT + Magic Base Damage - Target INT = Damage.

So lets say Cai has 120INT and casts Thunder (150 base), and he attacks Bagdemagus who has 70INT then 120+150-70=190-210 damage.

For status spells, the theory is it is tiered. Different classes has different chances but basically same as above. INT + Base chance - enemy INT = % chance

Melee attack percentage is basically the same. Attacker AGI + Base hit rate - Opponent AGI = Hit percentage. Most classes/monsters are generally around 100 base hit rate, the huge one is Mandrakes, base hit rate is like 140 and someone else that made no sense..... like Cai or Lyonesse. A mage who should really never be in hand to hand combat has a hit rate of 130, forget which though.

This is all in one of the faqs for Brigandine, I forget which one but I used it so much I pretty much had all these memorized and I still do the calculations in the middle of battle to determine if I have a killshot or if I should run.

User Info: Prevch2

4 years ago#3
Thanks Lion that helps a lot.

I will check out the FAQs and see if I can find which one this info came from.
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