A new challenge I might try...

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User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#1
I haven't played Brigandine in a while, but I want to, and I finally thought of a challenge that might be interesting. But here's a fair warning: there's a lot of record-keeping and math (sorta) that you have to do constantly on your part. I don't think it would annoy me, but it might. And the numbers might have to be tweaked (I haven't tried it yet). But basically, here's the gist of it:

1. Before you're allowed to upgrade or buy any monster, you must first reach 200 "points" for that monster class.

2. Once you reach 200, you can spend 200 to upgrade any 1 existing monster of that class, or purchase a brand new one.

3. There's no maximum for how many points you're allowed to keep at a time. However, there's a minimum of -200. Once you go below -200, you must delete a monster to raise it by 100 (it would still be negative, but above the "limit").

4. You gain points by attacking and killing enemies. If you attack an angel, you get points for it. It doesn't matter who attacked it, only that it was attacked. Points are not given for healing or status effects (like paralyze).

5. You gain 1 point for attacking a unit, and 5 points for killing it. Increase this by 20% for each tier the monster is. (Angels are 1/5, Arch Angels are 1.2/6, Seraphs are 1.4/7, and Luciers are 1.6/8). Breath attacks and small AOE's (that hurt 7 or less units, like Geno Thunder) are 1/2 as many points (perr thing they hit). Larrge AOE's (Geno, Holy Word, Meteor Doom) are 1/4 as many points.

6. Capturing a monster or getting one via quest makes you lose 100 points.

7. Deleting monsters gives you 100 points. (Therefore, you can counter-act rule 6's penalty with rule 7).

8. Rules 1- 5 also apply for knight classes, but instead of lumping all from one tree together (like monsters), knight classes count ONLY for that SPECIFIC class. Knights may NOT switch back to a class they previously held.

9. Attacking a country's leader or Cador gives you points for the ninja class. Unlike other knight classes, ninja master and ninja share points just like monsters. Because Esgares has the drawback of not being able to attack Cador, they get 1.2x as many points from attacking leaders.

That's all the rules I can think of. I'm going to go try this challenge and let you guys know how it is. It sounds interesting to me...
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User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#2
Forgot to say... any knight you get from quests or any other means doesn't reduce your your points. Being attacked doesn't increase your points; only when YOU attack. And when one of your monsters dies, you neither lose nor gain points. Just lose a unit. :(

EDIT 1 & 2: And counter-attacking doesn't give you points, either, even if you kill them. And, killing them gives the 5 points, but you don't ALSO get 1 point for attacking. Only for the kill.

EDIT 3: And attacking or killing your OWN units with a breath attack or AOE attack DOES count.
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User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#3
Update on my game. I'm in year 215, month 9...so about a year or so into the game, I believe. Points are apparently harder to come by than I thouht they'd be. My army is getting weaker as units die and I don't have the points to replace them. But I'm gaining levels here and there. I have a level 8 demon, a level 5 and 6 pixie (which will be useless soon), a level 8 dragon, and 1 of my white dragons is 15.

But it IS a challenge, so I suppose it should be hard to accumulate points...and you REALLY feel rewarded once you've reached 200.

Note, I decided that ninjas counts as a tier 2 ninja, and ninja master is tier 3, but leaders count as tier 1. Also, if you miss a target you attack, you don't get points. And, also, every knight class counts as whatever tier they are so higher level knight classes you can earn points for quicker (but they are more rare to find). Ok.

So here's the points I have so far, after about 10-12 turns and maybe 15-20 battles:

Dragon: 49.75 (almost 1/4 of the way to upgrading one of my dragons!)
Wyvern: 36.75 (the AI is really fond of dragons and wyverns)
Unicorn: 30.05 (I tend to focus them, because they heal)
Ghoul: 26.95 (lots of these too)
Angel: 19.75 (also focused)
Hell Hound: 18.1 (Esgares starts with 3 fenrirs...)
G-Scorpion: 16.5
Hydra: 16 (focus when I see them)
Jinn: 15.5
Centaur: 14
Roc: 10.25
Gryphon: 9.55
Lizard Guard: 8
Clay Golem: 7.5
Demon: 6 (wish I could find more of these. I already have the item for satans to liliths)
Giant: 5.25
Merman: 2
Mandrake: 0.5

Any monster class not mentioned (if there even is any ommitted) I don't have points for because I haven't seen any.

And here's for knight classes:

Archer: 9.9
Samurai: 9.6
Shogun: 8.75
Monk: 8.7
Fighter: 8
Cardinal: 5.6 (fought a couple battles with Paternus)
Sorcerer: 4.2
Avenger: 1.35
Cavalier: 1.2
Sorceress: 0.85
Ninja: 0.6 (I've AOE'd Zemeckis and Shiraha once each, lol)

Anyway...so much record keeping! :P
Currently Playing: Civilizzation V (PC), League of Legends IGN: MeltedWater
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