I love this game.

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User Info: SingingSoul

4 years ago#1
Seriously, this is easily in my top 5 favorite games ever, and it is objectively in the top percentage of the N64 library, that as we all know is blessed with some of the best games ever.

I finished my annual playthrough yesterday using my girlfriend Carry and I'm still in awe of how awesome this game is. It somehow triggers pleasing emotions of fulfilled wistfulness within my heart. It is such a beautiful piece of art.

I can't wait to play it again this following year and I'll also try to find a copy of LoD. (Playing in a real 64 like an OG as we all should).

But yeah I can't stop thinking about this game. I will keep dreaming about it for months. I will write a review giving it 10/10 and also I'll write a plot analysis.

One day I will make a Castlevania 64-style game and I will be joyful.


4 years ago#2
I love it. I wish they would also port this and Legacy of Darkness to the DS.
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User Info: ArcticNinja21

4 years ago#3
I love this game too! I really do wish there were more like it.
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