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User Info: FanMattai

6 years ago#1
So if you defeat Dracula at the start of the game in under a minute without being hit, you receive the following stats:

Holy Water
HP: 80 MP: 25 Hearts: 60 Str: 13 Con: 12 Int: 13 Luck: 12

HP: 80 MP: 30 Hearts: 60 Str: 13 Con: 12 Int: 12 Luck: 12

HP: 85 MP: 25 Hearts: 55 Str: 14 Con: 13 Int: 13 Luck: 17

Now my question is, not which starting stats help the most throughout the game, but which at Max Level make the greatest difference.
ie, the "Nothing" route offers you lower MP and Hearts, but Higher Str, Con, Int, and Lck.
but will those four basic stats max out regardless at Max Level?
And do HP, MP, and Hearts even have a Max?

thank you for the help.

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
6 years ago#2
Str, Con, Int, and Luck all have a max of 99. Each level up, they go up randomly. If you're dedicated to stats, you can reset before each level up and reroll for the best stat increase (which is +1 to all four stats [and +5 mp, which is randomly +5 or +4] ). This means that no matter what you're starting stats are, you can max those four stats.

If you plan on maxing the 4 core stats, then the question is do you prefer 5 HP, or 5 MP and 5 Hearts? I think the MP and Hearts would be (very very very very marginally) more useful, and it's easier to get. On the other hand the 5 HP can be seen as a badge of accomplishment since Dracula is very tough to beat under a minute with no sub-weapon. All four of those stats do have a max like any number in a computer, but you won't ever max those stats without a cheat device.

If you don't plan on maxing your stats by resetting at each level up, then just do whatever. The stat differences are so insignificant at higher levels that it isn't worth considering unless you're trying to get perfect stats. The random gains each level will make a bigger difference. If you had to pick one, I'd pick the no sub-weapon option because I'd take every point of Luck I can get (you could just use the luck code though), but then that is very hard to do (triple air dashes). Between Holy Water and Cross, I'll take 5 MP and Hearts over 1 Int.
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User Info: Lord_Maninho

6 years ago#3
...Or use Reset glitch for God-like stats
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