confession room?

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User Info: vCox

9 years ago#1
I wonder: is there some trick for the confession room in the royal chapel?

I know that if you sit on the left chair, you can get some food item from the green ghost priest.
My question is: can you get something by sitting on the right chair? So far, I experienced two things: either a blue lady trows a spear at you, or a yellow-brown one just sits there and sobs. Can she give something if you sit long enough or do something special?

thanks in advance!

User Info: OzeroCa

9 years ago#2
nope. Grapes once per visit to the chapel area max.. the other side gets ya nothing but grief. :P
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User Info: Neo_Zeromus_X

9 years ago#3
You can get more than one Grape Juice, they're just sorta rare.
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User Info: SteveO 528

SteveO 528
9 years ago#4
In the Japanese version of SotN, as well as the DXC remake, the blue priest will talk to you. For whatever reason, that voice clip was removed from the US PSX version. It might still be in the data, though, considering how many leftovers there are.
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User Info: paulo1179

9 years ago#5
Yup, and you can find the "US dialogue" in the US version by putting the disc in your pc and opening the audio file (correct software needed).
Something appeared near to the wooden bridge.
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User Info: OzeroCa

9 years ago#6
You can get one grape juice PER entry itno the chapel area. Once you get one, you cant get another until you leave to another zone, then return.
/__\ My zombie/Sci-fi novel LIFEHACK is now out!
\__/ LBP rocks...! PSN id: ozero

User Info: Arkane Denial

Arkane Denial
9 years ago#7
I have an MP3 file of the US version priest (just 5 secs or so), if somebody wants it.


User Info: king_gimpy

9 years ago#8
I'd like it.
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User Info: mirage_004

9 years ago#9
I'd also like to hear it.

User Info: Arkane Denial

Arkane Denial
9 years ago#10
Oops, sorry, I must have deleted it months ago, all I have is the MP3 version of the whole "Die Monster" dialogue.

Basically the priest says, "In the name of the father and the holy ghost...", something like that.


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