*Spoilers* Trouble getting good ending

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User Info: Madzombie

9 years ago#1
I completed Chrono Cross today with the "bad" endong and I was checking a guide for how to get the good ending. It says I need to make the chrono cross and that I need Steena to do so, but I don't actually have Steena in my party. I talked to her in both worlds but had no luck. Have I messed up?
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User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#2
To get Steena in the party talk to her in another world for the Dragons Emblem after beating the Sky (White Dragon.)

Then at go to her hut in Home World show the guy blocking her hut the Dragon Emblem to get her to join the party.

Then take both the Tear of Love and Hate and place them on the alters inside the waterfalls west of Hydra Marsh IRC in Another World only to get the Chrono Cross.
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  3. *Spoilers* Trouble getting good ending

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