Anyone here actually feed all 100 dragons?

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  3. Anyone here actually feed all 100 dragons?

User Info: Jeff AKA Snoopy

Jeff AKA Snoopy
8 years ago#1
I tried it about 5 times, got to 75 as my highest. @_@

User Info: Shotgunnova

8 years ago#2
Yeah, it just takes a lot of practice. Just remember that to double-back and get haybales if the dragons aren't doing anything, and go right to left towards the haybales if you can. Those cranky buggers can really throw you for a loop if you're doing it without a strategy, but at least the reward's worth it...kinda.
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User Info: skeek420

8 years ago#3
i went from left to right, tapping the button as fast as possible until all the food was gone, refill repeat. doing it that way i won on the first try, and it wasn't even hard. beforehand i was being more strategic, feeding this or that dragon first, and failed miserabley. maybe its just easier on the emulator with my logitech controller, though.

User Info: BohepansThe2nd

8 years ago#4
I was so proud of myself, the first time I did it without slowdown via New Game Plus. It was such a beautiful thing. Reward is only somewhat worth it even outside a New Game Plus, but still!
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User Info: Amenonuhoko

8 years ago#5
I used to do it every time, in fact I used to clean out all the prizes every "brand new" game. Oddly I've never done it in new game+.
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User Info: Stephenv

8 years ago#6
i did it i think its harder with fast forward in the new game plus

User Info: Person_Man

8 years ago#7
I've always gone for it on regular NG, not too much trouble at all with a good strategy.

I usually aim for keeping the left two screaming/fed at the same time, and the right two screaming/fed at the same time, poking the middle when needed. If you keep your hay full the whole time(no waiting in the middle for one to yell if you can hold one more hay >_>), and wait in the middle when that's covered and all's quiet, and you end up with a pretty clear shot until around 60. After that they get a bit too fast to keep that up, so the already mentioned "just go back and forth tapping the button as fast as you can" method can usually guarantee you that early iron suit.

User Info: characterizedby

8 years ago#8
I did it with save states on an emulator.... It could be done normally. It would just take more time, of doing it over again each time you mess up (as opposed to starting at a save state). But you definitely just have to make him fly across the room mashing the X button, and you have to remember to fly to the left side of the room and mash the X button three times every time you press it three times anywhere else. You dont even really have to pay attention so where you're doing it. Just, three times, load up, three times, load up.

I did it with save states though, so... who gives a hell about my strategy :P

User Info: Then00bAvenger

8 years ago#9
There's no reason to develop a strategy. Doing what skeek420 does will let you win everytime with no effort. It's kind of depressing since actually trying to do it normally is much more difficult X_X
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User Info: Person_Man

8 years ago#10
Yes, but I've always ended up nursing a painfully over-tapped thumb and/or pointer finger after that much button mashing. I'm probably just getting too old. ^_^;
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