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User Info: Hell_Kitten13

8 years ago#1
Question I've had for a while. Is there any connection to chrono trigger? Is this a direct sequel? Would it benefit me to hunt down the first one before playing this? Any help understanding a connection between the two would be appreciated. PLEASE AVOID SPOILERS. Thanks in advanced.
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User Info: ObsidianTurncoat

8 years ago#2
Are there connections? Yes.

Direct Sequel? Kind of, as it continues part of the storyline but not with the same main characters or battle system.

Is CT mandatory? No, but it helps make things clearer and gives certain scenarios more significance. CT:DS has even more bearing on CC (well, some of the extra content does anyway). It's worth it since CT is a fantastic game in it's own right (just isn't the same).
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User Info: menschmaschine5

8 years ago#3
I'd recommend picking up a copy of CT:DS and playing it first. It's by no means necessary to play Chrono Trigger first, but it may make the experience better. Just make sure you don't expect a clone of Chrono Trigger, because this game is very different gameplay-wise and atmosphere-wise. And has different characters.

User Info: The Rob

The Rob
8 years ago#4
And isn't explained very well throughout the game. It'll all (mostly) make sense in the very end though, so stick with it if you end up having a hard time because of the story.
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User Info: mtk101

8 years ago#5
you should just buy CT cause its an amazing game, but when the connections show in CC, it makes the expierience 10x better

User Info: Marko_Nemesis

8 years ago#6
I played CC before CT and it was also a great experience. It's like playing FFVII and then Crisis Core.
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User Info: Linkslysora

8 years ago#7
I wouldn't say it is lie playing VII before Crisis Core, because it was intended to be played in that order, just my opinion though. I would play Chrono Trigger first if you are able to get it, it would mae Chrono Cross more enjoyable probably. And if for no other reason, CT is a great game.

User Info: W_Mark_Felt_Sr

8 years ago#8
It's also different because both CT and CC are decent games, whereas Crisis Core sucks.
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User Info: felixrush

8 years ago#9
It's a game that would have been regarded much more favorably had their not been these random, nonsensical, Chrono Trigger references.

Kato needs to learn to stand on his own feet and stop hiding behind the name Chrono Trigger.

Case in point, his work with Xenogears is very favorably regarded.

Compared to THAT and his special contribution to Tifa's background in FF7, it's rather sad he didn't have confidence in his work until FF11.

This game, imho, would have been MUCH better WITHOUT the Chrono trigger references.

Don't expect CT2, don't even expect the Chrono Trigger atmosphere. This sequel is only a sequel because of a scant few references and a plot, while built on the CT cast, could have been built up on anything.

This game WITHOUT the Chrono references would have been better, imho.
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User Info: felixrush

8 years ago#10
It's also different because both CT and CC are decent games, whereas Crisis Core sucks.

Hey, whoa, whoa?!

Crisis Core is awesome. I loved the story and the ending was very memorable.

Huge Spoilers for FF7, Crisis Core, and Advent Children


Ack! Dude! you made me cry!

Zack.... ;_;

Plus, it explained the Buster Sword and just WHO Zack from FF7 was. Who Cloud's best friend was, the guy who Aerith fell in love with...

It was a great experience with really off-the-fly gameplay mechanics in a magical machinery land of unparalleled awesomeness and win :D

It was like....FF7 meets DMC.

<3 Both series.

Seriously Crisis Core = Best PSP Game Ever.

FF7 = Best PSX game ever.

I love the FF7 series. It's totally awesome.

That game brought meaning to Advent Children Complete... ;_;

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