I vant to put WHEAT all around my city.

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  3. I vant to put WHEAT all around my city.

User Info: MonarchPaulos

4 years ago#1
I want to, is that possible?
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
4 years ago#2
The resource? (Like Whales or Silk or Gold.)

Not with the in-game editor, which randomly creates resources that are at least 3 squares apart. In the 21-square grid surrounding the city, you can only have 5 special resources, max. (Shields on grasslands do not count as a special resource. Rivers also do not count for the purpose of "seeding" the map.)

If you mean by surrounding your city with wheat/food-producing squares, then yeah, totally possible.

The largest city possible in-game is one built atop 5 plains w/wheat (or desert w/oasis... or more if you use the Airbase bug) and 16 grassland squares. For trade-token bonuses (which translate into tax/luxury/science tokens), it would be nice if these had rivers and shields too.

With farming (or airbases), you would get 4 food from each grass square and 6 from the five others, giving your city a base potential of 47. With added food trucks (from your other cities), you can feed the size of that one city even more...

Some more reading if you're interested:
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  3. I vant to put WHEAT all around my city.

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