GDI Mission 9

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User Info: APolaris82

7 years ago#1
I ran into an issue when replaying GDI mission 9 (Hungary). After wiping out the enemy base, the mission didn't end because there was one turret left on the south shore of the map. I lost all of my infantry in that section at the beginning of the mission and the gunships for some reason won't fire on that turret. Air Strikes won't kill it. There's no way to get any of my units from my base to that shore. The turret is somehow repairing itself with no silos or power when I use Air Strikes. Is there any way to repair this issue without restarting the mission, or is it a glitch in the game's programming?

User Info: DandyQuackShot

7 years ago#2
Yeah I'm sure that happened to me before. You have to use the squad to take out the two turrets because nothing else will work against them. There's a money chest in the bottom left corner once you take them out.

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User Info: MC Link

MC Link
7 years ago#3
you have consulted the oracle
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