The purpose of spy?

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User Info: CYZ01

9 years ago#1
I've 2 questions here...

1) When I play Allied, I can recruit spies. But what is the exact use of it? I remember in Red Alert 2, we can use spies to infiltrate technology building to capture enemies' technology, and infiltrate ore refinery to steal money.

However in RA1, it seems the spy don't get any advantage for me when they infiltrate enemies' buildings.

2) I am using Vista. Whenever I play RA1, certain parts of the screen will be covered by blue-greenish overlay. For instance the units health bar and the timer when u recruit new units. This is kind of irritating as it covers the visibility of other building options while u are building some units. Anyone knows how to remedy this problem?


User Info: Recoome_is_god

9 years ago#2
1) Spies are more useful than you'd imagine. Upon infiltrating these buildings, you receive the following info:

Barracks - See which enemy infantry unit is being trained
War Factory/Airfield/Helipad/Naval Yard/Sub-Pen - See which enemy vehicle is being built
Ore Refinery/Ore Silo - See enemy's funds (thieves are used to steal 50% of credits)
Radar Dome - Uncover all enemy territory, and also see info on what they have
Power Plant/Advanced Power Plant - See enemy's power condition

Doesn't sound all that great, especially when you think of the so-called advantages of RA2's spy (the 'advanced' techs you gained were always crap IMO) but here it can make or break a decision to launch a full-blown offensive, moreso in a LAN or internet game. Note that you have to click on the infiltrated structure(s) to see such info, and obviously destroying the building will cancel the effect (except, bizarrely, the Radar Dome).

2) Three solutions I can think of:
- Explicitly run as Admin (right click on the shortcut or RA95.exe)
- Compatiblity mode for an earlier OS
- Run in 256 colours

Personally I never had that problem with RA, but I did with Tiberian Dawn, and doing the above fixed this for me.
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