Just started playing this.

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User Info: djforlife84

5 years ago#1

its almost 2012 and I just busted out my old PC and found a bunch of old games. This is one highly addicted game, even today. Been playing it for hours recently!

User Info: Baron_Kuch

5 years ago#2
Hell yea man same with me. My friend sent me a link to download RA plus the expansions as freeware and I've been playing ever since. I loved this game as a kid and it feels so right to be coming back to it. Exams can't be over soon enough.

User Info: Recoome_is_god

5 years ago#3
Been playing since 1996; it's not the deepest or most technical RTS, but it's still the most fun by far.


Here's something you might enjoy too. It's not exactly the same as the original RA due to extensive re-balancing and rush-proof gameplay (although it does use the original graphics/sounds, etc), but it has a relatively lively community and can be modded in ways beyond RA95 ever could be.
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  3. Just started playing this.

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