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User Info: Turambar304

7 years ago#1
Do the cheats work on the PSN version. I was trying but can't get them to work....
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User Info: Tercel

7 years ago#2
Are you using the O button for the inputs?
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User Info: Domon_X

7 years ago#3
What do you mean O button?

are you supposed to press triangle to bring up the toolbar and the enter the cheats with the onscreen XOTriangle Square buttons?

I dont get it!
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User Info: Gunbladelad

7 years ago#4
Bring up the sidebar, and press Circle (or Cancel if you've redefined your keys) on the relevant symbols.

Make sure you're using the right codes for the right version. Red Alert has different codes from Retaliation.

If you mess up the code, just click & cancel on a unit/structure to build in the menu, and you can retry it.
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