Fresh Tracks

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User Info: mags_staff

5 years ago#1
Ive been trying for 3 days to beat this and for the life of me I can't. I lay mines at all the critical passes. I blow up all the bridges. I just cant conjuor up enough forces to keep wave after wave from passing through.

The cpu always cheats and starts a convoy already halfway across the map.

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User Info: Recoome_is_god

5 years ago#2
I've recently been replaying Counterstrike for the PC version, so while I'm not sure if this advice is going to be completely useful, the general strategy should be solid enough. Fresh Tracks though is one of those missions; frustrating because you're limited in what you can do. No extra structures can be built, so keeping the static defence is vital early on until you can use units to defend and attack.

I honestly found the best course of action was to build another Ore Truck straight away, and then just spam Medium Tanks. Send groups of 5-6 around to explore the map and meet any Soviet aggression with greater aggression -- you're better off attacking Soviet units as you see them, taking them out gradually while they're weak and scattered, instead of turtling up and hoping that you can hold out against them when they finally come to you. Having groups of 5-6 MT's ready can easily crush the small packs that trickle inward while waiting for a Convoy to approach, and will make hunting the Convoys down much easier when you're guarding several choke points.

Also, use the Service Depot frequently -- it's much better to repair existing tanks while building more, instead of keeping them in action until they give out and explode. And for the love of all things C&C, don't lose your Radar Dome. Just keep building MT's and sending them to make Soviet advances as difficult as possible (the credits should be rolling in if you've cleared the immediate surroundings, but build another Ore Truck if necessary), and victory should be as simple as playing a waiting game. Keep exploring/expanding and reinforcing your hold on points further from your base with more and more units, there's really nothing much more to it.
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