Complete cash list?

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User Info: Hayker

5 years ago#1
I'm 100$ short of the barrel quest and I tried one of the guides but I had all the cash in the locations gave. If someone could direct me, or just post a complete list it would be awesome!
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User Info: oznomad80

5 years ago#2
are you sure you've checked every location? anyway maybe it's a glitch or something, same thing happened to me
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User Info: needlewarbler

5 years ago#3
All the ones I can remember...

-Above the Dogfish
-The top of the Bats Tower
-Above the endowed sunflower
-On top of excrement mountain
-In a aclove that you reach from the Wasp Hive
-In a tunnel under the barn area (You need to activate it from the big diving board thing on the top)
-In the sewer area under the Matador place with the cows

I'm pretty sure all the cash you get in the caveman bit is mandatory.
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