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User Info: Yargitsu99z

5 years ago#1

Obviously, _Psychonauts_ has more focused, polished gameplay and more of a hi-brau esthetic, but which is just plain funnier?
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

5 years ago#2
CBFD for sure. Psychonauts deffinately had some funny moments, but CBFD is a laugh fest the whole way through

User Info: Uilnslcoap

5 years ago#3
Loved Psychonauts's sense of humor/wackiness, that game reached its pinnacle for me in the *SPOILERS* Raz as Godzilla for fish level, and was still funny after that, but the level design was less interesting to me after that. The Milkman, art world, Napoleon and theater levels were either sort of repetitive or fetch quest-oriented. It was a super-good game, but I prefer the constant hijinks early on followed by the dark descent (still with lots of laughs) in the the last third or so of CBFD. Also, Conker is actually LESS intense about collecting things than Psychonauts if you consider figments...and money barely plays a token part in the last bit after the change over to night time in CBFD.

User Info: IndigoDeviant

5 years ago#4
Well the sense of humor for both games belong to two very different styles. I guess I'd say Psychonauts since I respond to their humor better. When I a kid though and watched people play conker I would have found it to be the funnier one since I found toilet humor, gore, and sex jokes more funny.
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User Info: Uilnslcoap

5 years ago#5
My wife and her sisters played this for the first time in their late 20's and laughed their asses off. Maturity is relative, haha.
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