What does the word "cack" mean? Conker says it twice in the game

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  3. What does the word "cack" mean? Conker says it twice in the game

User Info: slk_23

5 years ago#1


(Walking to the left)

Conker: Oh Cack! Agh!

Conker's thoughts: What a stink! I think this calls for my gas mask.

*Conker pulls out gas mask and puts it on*



*Dino stands there looking cute*

Conker: Hehehe. This is gonna be interesting.

*Dino looks up and sees slab just as it starts to fall. It lands as blood
flies everywhere. Conker turns around to see the aligator statue head

The God: I am pleased...with your offering

*The head opens and a big long tounge rolls out*

Conker: Oh cack!

*Conker leaps out of the way before the tounge squishes him. A monk then
walks down to the tip of the tounge*

What a weird game. I don't think I've heard the word anywhere else before.
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User Info: Some_Anchovies

5 years ago#2
It's one of the many alternatives that British people or those of that area use for the word S*** or crap.

User Info: needlewarbler

5 years ago#3
British slang for excrement.

User Info: spongeliv

5 years ago#4
I never knew what the word, “sussed” meant either till I played this game. Conker and the King Bee use it during their first exchange. Not entirely sure if it’s British slang or not, but it’s definitely an uncommon word.
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User Info: slk_23

5 years ago#5
Strange. The UD says it means "cock." Apparently it's pronounced that way with a Boston accent and was popularized by the movie "Good Will Hunting." I watched that movie and don't recall the instance. Oh well.

As for "suss," I assumed it was British slang for "suspect" (the verb, not the noun).
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User Info: supernova54321

5 years ago#6
Cack is what comes out of your bowels (from the French 'caca', which has the same meaning).

To suss someone is to see through them/work out what they're really like.

Both are uncommon words, but they do exist (at least here in England).
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User Info: nutron

5 years ago#7
Wow, and here I thought this whole time that Conker himself actually had the cleanest vocabulary in the game. Lol, egg on my face.
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  3. What does the word "cack" mean? Conker says it twice in the game

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