30 Minutes of Twelve Tales Conker 64 Gameplay!!!!!

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User Info: Rene_Ellul

5 years ago#1
Amazing footage of how CBFD was, much earlier in development, from when it was called Twelve Tales. (When it was all cutesy, and more like Conkers Pocket Tales but for N64)

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User Info: spongeliv

5 years ago#2
Wow, this was uploaded just three days ago, nice find! Thanks for sharing! It was really interesting. It looked like a decent, little game. Just a bit too…treacly for older gamers? I guess. It definitely looked more similar to the Diddy Kong Racing world, than Banjo-Kazooie or DK64.

Also I laughed a little too hard at 6:06. The baddie says, “Come on you little squirt!” and I thought for sure he was going to say, “Come on you little s***!” Haha, Bad Fur Day has corrupted me.
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User Info: IndigoDeviant

5 years ago#3
very interesting to see, though it looks like it suffers the typical Rare N64 game problem of having too many big open empty locations. I prefer the voice acting quality in 12 tales to bad fur day.
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User Info: Bat178

5 years ago#4
It does actually look like a really good game. They should finish it and release it as a prequel to Bad Fur Day. Conker has a lot more abilities in Twelve Tales than in Bad Fur Day, Twelve Tales has co-op and lets you play as Berri, has better gameplay than Bad Fur Day (While Bad Fur Day did have decent gameplay, there was not enough of it and some of the chapters were rather boring and repetitive) and Twelve Tales has much bigger and more varied worlds and is more colorful. It reminds me of a golden age/90's cartoon. Unfortunately, with the way Microsoft have been treating Conker recently (Cancelling the sequel to Bad Fur Day to remake the game, cancelling it again when Chris wanted a sequel, and not putting Bad Fur Day on XBLA), it probably won't happen unless somebody manages to buy the IP from them.
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User Info: needlewarbler

5 years ago#5
Things I noticed...which I bet everyone else did too

- Minigame music is exactly the same as Bad Fur Day
-The song which was also in Jet Force Gemini
-They seemed to have used some of the art assets from this in Mickey's Speedway USA
-The barrel and hoverboard both made it into BFD
-The jungle song seemed to be remixed for BFD
-Those little dinosaur things seem to be a reference to Jurassic Park 2

User Info: Rene_Ellul

5 years ago#6
If we don't see the game surface (in some form), this is the best we will get to see how it played.
Look what i found left HIDDEN in Jet Force Gemini
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