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User Info: PiIsARational

6 years ago#1
I love the PC version and picked this game up relatively cheap online. I'm not disappointed.

The real flaws were the cutscenes only having music. They are really detailed and high resolution... it really pushes the N64 to it's limits. As a result, the frame rate can suffer at times during the cutscenes.

High resolution mode for in-game play is worthless IMO. The frame rate gets too choppy at times.

The one level I had a hell of a time with was Episode 3, Level 2. The wizard was a pain and I could never legitimately finish that level. I ended up skipping it. The bosses afterwards are pretty easy for the most part and can be killed via simple circle-strafing techniques.

Overall though, for a cheap thrill it wasn't bad. I'd give a 7/10. I'd play it again.

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