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User Info: Lutepin

7 years ago#1
I just finished this game; completed the trap quide (I didn't make every rap with every ring, though, just got 106/106), finished expert, etc. and I gotta say this is a solid game. I beat Kagero, but just didn't enjoy it that much compared to this. I know Kagero was very similar but whatever they did to the 3rd installment is nice. A couple things I wanted to point out:

-The Zero Ring: you get upon finishing expert mode. It does make all traps have a 1-second charge time, BUT, upon trying it out in Free Training, it seems to remove any stun time after hitting. So if you hit with a "ZMega Rock", it will put the enemy on the ground, but within a second, they instantly stand up (as in, no "get up" animation - straight to their feet) and your chain is over. It is still possible to chain, but much harder. In fact, I would say if you want to get any good amount of Ark, don't use the Zero Ring, unless you plan to use that trap as a finisher that you absolutely need very quickly. Otherwise, it's great to kill just about any enemy really fast.

-"Video Capture" option: I was poking around some of the game's files, and saw what looked like a menu option that read "video capture". This could be a leftover from development, but I don't know. I've done most of what the game has to offer, and have never seen nor heard of this option. Perhaps it was a feature in the Japanese version?

-Millenia: Also in my file-poking adventure, I found that Millenia (Kagero's main character) is on the disc. Her name and complete model appear in the code. Once again, probably a leftover from development, but maybe a hidden enemy, or even a playable character?? (I have tried entering "Millenia" as my character name, a la Kagero's "Astarte" cheat, but nothing.) This is really interesting, though. From what I've seen, there's still a lot that's unknown about this game.

User Info: natarle

7 years ago#2
this sounds interesting. i started playing this again after i wasnt happy with my current xbox 360 game purchase.
i find it a little weird there is so much content and more being found. this game really overdid it !!
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User Info: Mega_Skrull

7 years ago#3
Hi someones!
Wow, that's interesting. I already knew about the zero ring. I tried to get it but the expert mode was too damn much for me.
The other stuff is interesting too. With Millenia, they probably were going to include her as playable skin or as an enemy or both, as in Trapt.
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