tier list?

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User Info: RizardoLawless

9 years ago#1

User Info: Diddy_Kong

9 years ago#2
God Tier : Diddy Kong
Low Tier: Everybody else


User Info: ruch182

9 years ago#3
I always used that gay mouse...pip i think her name was. Is diddy actually better cos I'm gonna try and complete this soon.

User Info: superdiddy34

9 years ago#4
god tier:Diddy Kong
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User Info: MrGuru64

9 years ago#5
Light - Level 70 Paladin of Dawn

User Info: SeiferMaster

9 years ago#6

Wii will ROCK YOU!
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User Info: DaggerDias78

9 years ago#7

TT was the best, he was very broken.... unless you were in a plane, for whatever reason he SUCKED in planes.


Top Tier

TT, Tiptup, Pipsy (although I could not stand her, thats why I used Tiptup!)

Average Tier

Bumper, Timber, Diddy, Konker

Bad Tier

Banjo, Crunch, Drumstick


TT is the best, no questions asked. Unless he's in a plane, then Tiptup is the best.

Tiptup is better than Pipsy.

Bumper is better than timber/diddy/konker who all seem identical from what i remember.

Banjo is slower than Crunch or Drumstick but handles better.... Drumstick and Crunch tie for the worst.

No one else had posted an actual tier list, so there is mine.

User Info: ZodaDeathAnchor

9 years ago#8
sniff sniff

User Info: xShadow11237x

9 years ago#9
I only know the tier list to the DS

W/E, heres the DS tier list >_>

Top Tier
Wizpig, Drumstick,Taj,T.T
middle tier
Diddy,dixie,tiny,timber, bumper
low tier
Krunch, Tiptupz,Tipsyz
Co-leader of the Prototype Clan

User Info: GaMeAhOlIk

9 years ago#10
Drumstick Is Very Useful When You Don't Have T.T!

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