So, the sequel talk...

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User Info: Calebtine

4 years ago#1
Since the reported "leak" of a Wii U sequel to DKR surfaced last week and the rumor that Retro provided the Smash 4 team with a new rendition of K. Rool, I was thinking that this may be the big game that Retro has been working on. If all such rumors are true, then maybe K. Rool will be in DKR2.

Remember that Retro helped make Mario Kart 7, if I recall correctly.

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User Info: Zopharoth

4 years ago#2
My understanding is only that Retro designed the new DK track, and that was the extent of their involvement with MK7.
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User Info: hellfire582

4 years ago#3
That's pretty sweet, I didn't realize anyone was thinking of making another DKR. Retro did a good job making sequels to some other Rare games, though I don't know that any game company can actually surpass Rare. Anyway, I'd probably buy a Wii U just for this if they make it.
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