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User Info: Jamar95

5 years ago#1
How fast was this game was beaten without a TAS.
I did it in a few hours like 5-6
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User Info: alaskanfisher

5 years ago#2
Not sure about the whole game, but there is a lot of documentation on single levels me and Da Prenz did, kinda forgot the site, but they're there.
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User Info: Decon082

5 years ago#3
Well it took me like 3 hours 15 minutes the other day from start to finish, and I was so rusty, I died at least 80 times, I'd say. I can easily beat it in probably half the time if I'm more careful.

I'm currently playing this game on my YouTube channel, I'll post the total time for completion once I finish recording. It's going on YouTube unedited, just in multiple recordings.
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