Dragon Force II Problem - Black Screen during battle

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User Info: FreedomzEvez

7 years ago#1
Can anyone who encountered this problem help out ? :(
Been getting lots of black screen even without using kingdom ruler...

User Info: FaustWolf

7 years ago#2
Check and see if you get a black screen when there are less than 120 soldiers on the battlefield, total. There's some technical options in SSF that can increase the playable threshold to 170 soldiers, but unfortunately I haven't found anything that solves this bug entirely. Argh!

If it's the 120 soldiers bug for you, I'll stop in again with instructions on what you need to do.

User Info: FreedomzEvez

7 years ago#3
Hmm, i don't encounter black screen when the total amount of troops is about 120++. The problem comes when the troops > 130++ or so. Please kindly let me know your SSF configurations to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance xD.

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
7 years ago#4
Don't worry cuz I solved these problems long time ago.

SSF 0.10 Protype ( I advise you to create two different files so that you can use one for Japanese version and other one for English that's way you don't get mix up with these two.)

Use DirectDraw (32 bit color turns on)

Cartridge: 4 MBytes Ram
Area Code: Japan

Note: it doesn't require to use bio at all that's why I advise you to create 2 different files.

Sound: Linear Filter
Buffer size: 512
Buffering: Normal

Program 1
VDP2 Draw
VDP2 Thread
DSP Dynamic Decomposite

Program 2
CD Drive Read 16
Dot 7.5
1 Block Clock 80
Check Slave SH2
Slave SH2 Speed 90
SH2 Decomp. 40
CD Sector Nbr 150

Program 3
CD Access LED

EZ Setting
1. Low
2. Standard
3. High
4. Highest

You should able to play with full troops without problems. However, you may want to use save states whenever you go to ruins because it sometime will cause black screen when come to fight goblins even though it doesn't often black out anyway.

Let me know how fare will your emulator go ? after you test your game.

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User Info: FreedomzEvez

7 years ago#5
Hmmm, I have tried your setting with the same backdated emulator. However, I still get black screen even with 130 troops in battle.


User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
7 years ago#6
Oh, you still have problem with black out.

You can try to turn on Memory Access Wait & Check Cycle Pattern (Program 3) and Memory Error Check (Program 3) to see whether you get black out or not. If not, you might have bad ISO cuz I didn't have problem with my DF2 with full troops.

I will plan to play DF2 after Faust Wolf's translation is completed. Right now, I am playing Dragon Quest IX, Star Ocean 4, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V, Sangokushi DS 2, and Atelier Annie ,so I will be busy with these games while I am waiting for English patch.
Liver is evil and needs to be punished !~ Unknown

User Info: FaustWolf

7 years ago#7
I haven't had time to double check yet, but according to my records these are the settings I used for best performance. I want to go through with Sun Xiao's suggestions too and see if I have any better luck with those. Sun, you said you can get a full 200 troops to display? Are you able to do so in later releases of SSF? I hope we can finally find a solution!


I'm just on the technical side of the translation started by Sixfortyfive a couple years ago -- we're still in dire need of translators if anyone here knows of people who might be interested. All Japanese text is dumped and English text can be inserted. Just gotta get the translators! I'll make a big push for translators later this August or September, since I hope to have all remaining technical issues resolved by then.

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
7 years ago#8
Yep, I did it. Btw, I also was known as Lord of Darkness 70 when I visited your mini tut and recruitment AD at Youtube.

I take look at http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/1527/works3.png even though I checked only CD Access LED while rest of them are off. Oh, I notice his SSF is quite different from mine.

Oh, it look like I may need to play DF2 after I finish with my Dragon Quest IX.

Translators ? I used to know several translators such as Dejap group, Dboy, Moon Knight, Byuu ,etc even though I don't know whether they're stil translating Japanese games. At least, D boy is big fan of Genghis Khan II, Lufia series, etc ,so he might interesting to play DF2. He managed to use Genghis Khan's beautiful graphic to replace Langrisser II's mediocre graphic.

I am not surprise to see someone have hard time to translators since I want to play Sangokushi DS 1,2, and 3 ,but no one wants to translate these games because of lengthy of working that's something they don't want to deal with.
Liver is evil and needs to be punished !~ Unknown

User Info: Sandslice

7 years ago#9
Still working on it - including learning some more Japanese. :)
Everything comes full circle.
*Find your own truth.*

User Info: FaustWolf

7 years ago#10
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