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User Info: odino

5 years ago#1
Wow, looks good, nice to see this game getting some attention!

User Info: FaustWolf

5 years ago#2
As Dragon Force II gets more exposure, the sad part will be all the comparisons to the original. Both the graphical and musical style are tough for longtime fans to get used to.

Gameplay-wise, though, I still can't shake the feeling that the sequel is superior. The two-squad system kicks serious tail!

User Info: bultje112

5 years ago#3
the translation is almost out, correct?

User Info: cj_iwakura

5 years ago#4
Far from it, it's in testing for gameplay. Lots of the story script needs to be done, I believe.
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User Info: FaustWolf

5 years ago#5
Bear in mind that we can't actually discuss fan translation here -- it's been brought to my attention several times that it's against the TOS.

That being the case, I hope this board gets more traffic from people looking for gameplay tips and stuff. Hahn's FAQ, in particular, has been pretty helpful!

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