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User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#1
Part A: Introduction
Part B: FAQ

1. Shards
2. Getting Started
3. Party
4. Classes
5. Items
6. Bosses/Enemies
7. Casino
8. Immigrant Town
9. Miscellaneous
Part C: Credits

Part A: Introduction

Welcome to the Dragon Warrior VII board!

As you may know, Dragon Warrior VII is an immense RPG that requires the collection of many obscure items, has a complex job and skill system, and a very long play time. Expect ~120 hours to beat the game on your first playthrough, and I have heard of completists – people who collect every item, master every class, and finish all side quests – having save files at over 250 hours!

This sticky topic is designed to answer some frequently answered questions you may have. But first, a few notes:

- This sticky is not designed to replace FAQs. There are some good ones available, if your question is not answered here be sure to check these resources. They can be found at

- Please, please, PLEASE read the section I’m missing a shard! Help! before posting a question about missing shards. I cannot stress this enough, we need the information asked of you there to be able to help you.

- Please try your best to clearly describe your problem and use proper grammar and a respectful tone when asking for help. Remember, we’re all volunteers here, so if we don’t like how you ask your question we may not want to answer it.

- If you find an error in this sticky, please post within this topic saying so. Correcting notes will be verified and added (with credit) to future versions of this sticky.

Enough preamble, on with the help!

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#2
PART B: Frequently Asked Questions


I’m missing a shard! Help!

First of all…DON’T PANIC! There are no shards that can be missed permanently, so you can never get completely stuck. Furthermore, once you are a few hours into the game, you can find an in-game help feature for these situations. If you have completed the Falrod quest, go to the site of the Mechsoldier base in the present and you will find a fortune teller. Speak to her, and she will provide a hint as to where you need to look for any shards required to go to the next area.

If you still can’t figure out what to do, or haven’t finished the Falrod quest yet, check the Shard Location List, found here:

If you are still in need of help, please create a topic asking for help. Be sure to provide the following information:

1. The last quest you completed (ie; Falrod)
2. What element and pedestal you believe you are missing a shard from (ie; Fireshard, bottom right corner)
3. What the fortune teller at the Mechsoldier base gives you for a hint (if you haven’t finished Falrod yet, let us know).

We’ll help you as best we can, but requests without those pieces of information will likely be answered with “go talk to the fortune teller!” or “read the shard FAQ!”.

What are the pedestals hidden behind the final key doors below the Ruin Fane?

These pedestals are gateways to bonus dungeons accessible after beating the game. Fill them with ? Shards.

What do I do with ? Shards?

There are four pedestals in the game that take ? shards. Two of them are in special areas and need to be filled to complete the game. The other two are behind the final key doors in the Ruin Fane.

How do I access the first bonus dungeon?

The bonus dungeons are accessible through pedestals below the Ruin Fane. Once you have the final key you can reach the pedestals, but you cannot find all the shards until you have finished the game.

The last shard of the first bonus dungeon causes a lot of confusion, because it is found AFTER you beat the game. To be able to use it requires a little in-game time twisting!

1. Finish the game as normal. During the ending, someone will give your main character a shard.
2. At one point you will be free to move your main character and talk to people. Go down through the stairs by Hondara’s house in Estard, then through the Final Key doors. Eventually you will find chest on a cliff (you may have already found this chest prior to beating the game and wondered what it was for).
3. “Open” the chest, and it will ask if you want to put something into it. Say yes, and put the ? Shard inside.
4. Save the game when asked.
5. Reset and reload your game file you used to finish the game.
6. Head immediately to Estard and open the chest. The ? Shard is still in it, and can be taken.
7. Place the ? Shard in the pedestal.

If you are missing any additional shards, see the I’m missing a shard! Help! section above.

How do I access the second bonus dungeon?

The bonus dungeons are accessible through pedestals below the Ruin Fane. Once you have the final key you can reach the pedestals, but you cannot find all the shards until you have finished the game.

The optional boss of the first bonus dungeon awards prizes based on how quickly (# of rounds) you defeat it. This boss has three of the ? shards for the second bonus dungeon, you must defeat it in 19 rounds or less to have them offered as prizes.

If you are missing any additional shards, see the I’m missing a shard! Help! section above.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#3
Yes, this section should go first, but the most common questions are about shards so I put it at the top!

Is the game really as expansive as people say?

Absolutely. There are tons of obscure items that are required to find, and lots of lands to explore. In fact, I strongly recommend keeping the following lists:

1. Shards found. List the name of the shard (ie; Landshard), the land you found it in (ie; Estard), the time period you found it in (past or present), the pedestal it goes in when you place it (ie; top left), and a more detailed description (ie; on the floor of the Ruin Fane). This will make it much easier to identify shards you are missing when reading the Shard FAQ at

2. Quests completed. List the name of the land (ie; Engow), the pedestal used (ie, fire, top left), and a brief description of the quest. This will make it easier to remember how to go back and find a place if you need to return later in the game.

3. TinyMedals found. List the land you found it in (ie; Orph), the time period (past or present), and a more detailed description (ie; drawer at inn). This will make it much easier to identify tiny medals you are missing when reading a location list.

4. Locked doors. There are a lot of locked doors, and often you won’t find the key to open it for a very long time. Keeping a list makes it easier to go and try out the doors every time you find a new key.

5. Locked chests. Same reason as locked doors.

How do I look behind walls that the camera angle is blocking?

In most places, you can rotate the camera 360 degrees using the L and R buttons.

In some places (usually caves) you will be limited to about 45 degrees of movement. However, I have never found anything hidden behind a wall you couldn’t get the camera around to see properly.

Use the Start button to quickly move back to the default camera position.

Is anything in the game permanently missable?
Yes. See section 9: Miscellaneous

What items should I search in?

Frankly, everything. Chests, drawers, cupboards, pots, bookshelves, wells, and more all hold items. Be thorough! Use the triangle button to make searches faster.

Is there a quick reset button code?


My Dualshock controller defaults to digital input. Will analog input work?

Yes, just hit the analog button and you’ll be able to use the left joystick to move your characters. That is the only difference, however.

Why aren’t there any battles? Is this just a talking and puzzle game?

No, it is not just a talking and puzzle game, but Estard is a peaceful kingdom that has no monsters. Look long and hard enough, and you’ll find some.

The old man on the cliff keeps telling me to come back later. What do I do?

Go all around the land you’re currently in (Estard, Fishbel, the Ruin Fane, the Woodsman’s Hut) and try talking to everyone again. Absolutely everyone, there’s one or more people who have new information for you. Get used to it, this is a common theme in Dragon Warrior VII.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#4

Why can’t I enter commands for my other party members?

The other party members are set by default to a “normal” AI. To change the AI or switch to manual, use Plan: Change in either the main or battle menu.

Can I control guests, such as Matilda and Hank?

No. And yes, they are really dumb sometimes, that’s why they need you to help them!

Do I lose party members? Do they come back? What about their equipment?

Yes, party members will come and go. The first to leave never comes back, but will leave all equipment in the bag, including equipped items. Others who leave will eventually come back, and will place unequipped items in the bag but keep equipped ones. Be very careful about equipping useful items (cough*Bless Staff*cough)!

At the end of the game, you will have five people of which to make a party of four, but you can swap them in and out freely (with the exception of the main character), when you do all unequipped gear returns to the bag while equipped items stay on the “alternate”.

Where are good places to level?

Usually, in your current quest or in the last one you finished. However, there are a couple of exceptions.

Right after finishing Dharma, it is common to want to gain a lot of class levels. Because class levels are based on number of battles and not experience points, short fights against weak monsters will let you gain class levels faster. HOWEVER, if your experience level is too high for the area you’re in, the battles won’t count for class levels! So find a place where you can kill enemies quickly, fight a couple of battles, then return to Dharma and check to see if the number of battles you need to gain a class level has gone down. If not, find a tougher spot, otherwise keep battling there. The Deja region (the land where you met the Deja tribe) in the past is generally a good spot for this.

At the end of the game the forest surrounding Krage in the present is a favourite spot. It is filled with slimes of all kinds, including KingMetals and Goldslimes. Mega cash, mega experience, and all battles – even those with only regular slimes – count for class levels.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#5
(For full information, see the Job/Skills/Spells Guide at

Why can’t I change classes?

Class changing can only be done at Dharma temple, which you will not reach for a good while in the game.

Be aware that at times you will be prevented from returning to Dharma until you complete one or more quests. This can lead to some very frustrating moments of being trapped in classes you don’t want, it is advisable that you make a backup save file before you start any new quest, and only save over it if you are certain you can return to Dharma. I personally had to restore from a 30-hours back file once because I did not take this advice and got trapped in an area where could not defeat a boss with the classes I had chosen.

What are the best classes?

This depends heavily on your style, but some facts can steer you to make up your own mind:

1. There are three “tiers” of human classes – primary, which are open to anyone, secondary, to characters who have mastered certain primary classes, and tertiary, for characters who have mastered certain secondary classes. Monster classes have similar tiers, but also require hearts (special items) to even learn a primary class.
2. Most, but not all, of the best skills and spells are only found through advanced classes.
3. Not all secondary classes lead to a tertiary.
4. Due to the immense amount of time required to master classes, do not expect to have anyone master more than two or three secondary/tertiary classes in a normal playthrough. You do not need to anyways.
5. Due to base stats and equipment selection, some characters are better in some classes than others. Maribel’s high intelligence but low strength, combined with her poor weapons and armour, make her a better mage or cleric than warrior; Gabo’s high agility but low intelligence and love of strong weapons make him a better fighter or thief than mage, and so on.
6. Some hybrid skills are very useful, to learn them requires mastering two often unrelated classes in sequence.

I made Maribel a Warrior but she still can’t equip a sword! Why not?

Equipment selection is based on character only, current class has no effect on the equipment characters can use. While it sucks that Maribel can’t use a sword or heavy armour even when a warrior, it’s great your main character can even if he’s a mage.

If I change class before mastering my current one, can I come back and master it later?

Yes, but you’ll be hit with a 30-battle penalty for doing so. You’ll know you’ve passed the 30 battles when a “level-up” message says the character “is making up”.

Why have I stopped gaining class levels?

Your experience level is too high for the area in which you are battling, the game considers the battles too easy for you and therefore doesn’t count them as worth counting for class levels. Go fight in an area with some real monsters!

How do I get the hero class?

A character can either use a hero heart OR master three secondary/tertiary classes to have the hero class available for him/her.

How do I access monster classes?

To use a monster class a character must have the monster heart for that class and, for advanced classes, have mastered certain lower monster classes.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#6
How do I use a monster or hero heart?

Have the heart in the inventory of the character you want to learn the class and it will appear as an option when changing classes. Remember that advanced monster classes require you have the prerequisites finished too.

How do I find hearts?

Monster hearts are found as monster drops, items in chests, at the casino prize counter, or as lucky panel prizes. The hero heart is a prize from the optional boss of the first bonus dungeon.

How do I learn hybrid skills?

You mature (reach level 5) in one of the two required classes, then mature in the other. It does not matter which you do first, as long as you do one immediately after the other.

If you have already matured in a class, and want to learn a hybrid with it, you’re okay. Just switch to that class and fight 30 battles, and you will “make up” in the class. This counts as maturing again if you have already hit level 5 in that class.

Most, but not all, primary class combinations result in a hybrid skill.

How do I learn SwordDance?

Often cited as the best move in the game, SwordDance is a hybrid skill of warrior and dancer. It makes four full-powered attacks on random targets. It can hit the same target more than once, therefore this move is very powerful on lone enemies (which includes most bosses)!

I mastered warrior with Aira, but she didn’t learn SwordDance! What gives?

Aira mastered dancer before joining your party, so it doesn’t count. Mature or master as warrior, then switch back to dancer, which she has already mastered, and fight 30 battles. She will then “make up” in dancer and learn the skill.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#7

What is Dung?

Poo. Crap. ****. This lovely little item is just a joke and has no real in-game purpose. The best you can do with it is try using it in battle, then use the talk command in the battle screen on the next round to get weird looks from your companions. You can sell it for 1 gold, or just collect it (in-game only please!) to see how much you can find.

What are TinyMedals?
These are little treasure hunt items. Eventually you will find someone who awards you prizes for collecting them. Look for them everywhere!

Why are my TinyMedals not grouping together in the bag?

They just don’t. It seems there are actually three different types of TinyMedals from a coding point of view, though for all intents and purposes in the game they are the same. It is probably because there are more than 99 TinyMedals in the game, over the quantity limit in the item list.

Is anything in the game permanently missable?
Yes. See section 9: Miscellaneous

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#8

How do I defeat the muggers in Dharma present?

This is usually the first boss fight people struggle with. Here are some tips:

- If you have anyone in a class with low HP (mage, cleric) be sure they are actually levelled enough in the class to be of use. A mage with only fireball as a spell is of little use to you here!

- Boomerangs attack all enemies on screen at once, and both Gabo and the main character can equip them.

- The casino has some excellent armour as prizes.

- The weakest link is the thief, target him first. Leave Epong for last.

How do I beat Hellcloud?

Hellcloud is commonly considered the toughest boss in the game, thanks to the regular sleep spells and random hit taking (making SwordDance, Stampede, and QuadHits useless) of his cronies and their immunity to the previously dominating Vacuum. There are generally two ways of dealing with this.

- Hit everything with (non-Vacuum) screen-hitting attacks. Use boomerangs, Bang/Boom/Explodet spells, Backflip, and the like to kill the Babyclouds and hurt Hellcloud in the process. However, a single sleep spell, if it works on multiple people, can put you in serious trouble.

- Use sleep back at them. It keeps the Babyclouds from acting, then use targeted, single-hit attacks on Hellcloud to kill him without waking the others. However, it’s very hard to get all of them to stay asleep. Be sure to cast sleep every round, in case they wake up before that person acts. Also, with this method Hellcloud does not sacrifice any attacks to call for more help, so expect him to do much more damage to you.

I need help with a different boss!

Remember - if all else fails…level up! This is Dragon Warrior, after all… Temporary class changes (usually to get more HP, Strength, and Defense) can also be helpful.

How do I kill metal slimes?

This unique family line of monsters (Metaly, Metabble, KingMetal, and PlatKing) give huge amounts of experience points. They have very few hit points, but have such high defense that attacks usually do only one damage, if you hit at all. Only critical hits, or being levelled so high that the experience the metal slime gives is no longer worth it, will do more damage. They are also completely immune to all kinds of magic (including magic-simulating skills like Vacuum and Hurricane) and have about a 50% chance to flee every round, making killing them very difficult. However, there are a few hints.

- EvilSlash is the best method for killing metal slimes. This skill is an attack against one monster that either misses or gives a critical (50/50 chance). This means EvilSlash gives you a 50% chance of getting a critical, which will kill a metal slime in one round.

- MetalSlash does two damage instead of one, and has a high hit rate. Use only if you don’t have EvilSlash.

- Quadhits or SwordDance give extra chances to hit, but also have very poor hit rates, I do not recommend them. Stampede is even worse. Boomerangs, whips, and fans have the same problem. Avoid.

- Fishnet can work on some metal slimes, preventing them from running that round.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#9

How do I get lots of coins, fast?

Slot machines. Build up a good base through some careful poker double-or-nothing – enough for about 50 turns at a slot machine. Then, just go to a slot machine and rig your controller to always be pushing up. You’ll play automatically. Eat, sleep, or whatever for a while, and when you come back you’ll either be broke or, more likely, have hit a few jackpots. Either reset or spend, save, repeat.

And always remember to save whenever you win big, and reset if you lose too much!

What is 5. Slime in poker?

This is a royal flush with the slime suit, it is worth 5 times more than a royal flush in any other suit.

How do I win at Lucky Panel?

Simple – write things down so you’re not relying on memory. Even so, don’t expect to win more than 25 – 30% of the time, thanks to the shuffler.

Why do I always seem to lose on double-or-nothing “sure things”? I bet higher on a 3 and always seem to get a 2, or bet lower on a king and always seem to get an ace. What gives?

People using emulators and save states have reported that double-or-nothing is rigged. Only twos and jokers are sure things, otherwise you are sometimes just guaranteed to win or lose regardless of what you pick! So yes, you may be getting robbed (I highlight may as I have not seen hard evidence of this). Once you build up a good base of coins slot machines are better anyways.

Does Puff-Puff do anything?

No one knows for sure, but some people think it gives you some benefit in the game mechanics of gambling. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

10 years ago#10
(For full information, see the immigrant FAQ located here:

What is the best final form of the immigrant town?

All forms have their benefits in the form of unique items, but most people seem to prefer the Grand Slum for its casino.

Immigrant town forms? Grand Slum? What?

Depending on the types of immigrants you recruit, your town can have different final forms. There is the default town, Big Farm, Great Cathedral, Grand Slum, and the Bazaar. The requirements for non-default towns are quite strict, so without careful manipulation and seeking specific types of immigrants it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them.

How do I get immigrant _____?

Aside from the permanent immigrants, immigrants appear randomly at certain points. Any of those points can spawn any immigrant. However, there is a fixed list of immigrants, and as you collect many of a certain type (ie, warrior) they drop off the list. The net result is when building a special town, you will use up most of a given type of immigrant, making the number remaining fewer and fewer, and thus you are less likely to get another to appear. You’ll usually need a LOT of resets, or abuse of the immigrant trade feature, to get all the immigrants you need for a special town.

Permanent immigrants?

There are five permanent immigrants located throughout the game, who will always be available to send to your town (unless you are at your limit). There is also a sixth semi-permanent immigrant, a warrior who appears at the summit of Mount Flame late in the game. He only appears for a set period, so if you want him be sure to check regularly!

No more immigrants are appearing! Why?

The game limits the size of the town based on your progress. Once you hit the cap, immigrants will stop appearing and permanent immigrants will not have the option to direct them appear.

Also, be sure you are looking in the present, not in the past!

Why can’t I trade/evict immigrant _____?

Immigrants cannot be traded or evicted immediately after being traded. Once an immigrant is traded, he or she cannot be traded again or evicted until you have saved and reset the game, and in the file the person was traded to entering the town, speaking to an immigrant, and then speaking to Sim. This seems to reset the “tradeable/evictable” flag for all residents. If it doesn’t, save/reset again.

Also, the five totally permanent immigrants cannot be traded or evicted, and you cannot evict or trade anyone if you have 24 or fewer immigrants.
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