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User Info: W_R

6 years ago#101
How did you get the manga?

Unfortunately the English translation ends at volume 4. There are 11 volumes total (the series is on hiatus at this point). I thought the manga was pretty good and it stayed surprisingly true to the game. I would be willing to pay decent money for someone to translate volumes 5-11 in English.
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User Info: Torbetpc

6 years ago#103
Ok I have finished the Falrod castle with the mechasoldiers. I am now on the second fireshard stand but i cant seem to find the last piece. The witch by the mechasoldier base says something like there is a place where people are hurt. what is that human it looks human. then she says if it does not sound familiar perhaps it is a place you have yet to visit. I cant find the damn shard. I checked the northwest part of town. Iv looked in the guys shed. iv gone through all the locations previous that list fireshards on the internet. someone please help me. Thanks, Torbetpc

User Info: misterbum

5 years ago#104
DW VII needs a 2012 post, which I'm happy to provide.
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User Info: Coketastic

4 years ago#105
If it helps anyone out of the subject of when job-points are no longer earned, I found you can pretty much camp at Dharma until you hit level 20 before certain fights stop counting. Hero is 20 & Gabo is 19, goin thru same classes, somehow Gabo has pulled ahead by several battles.

Able to have mastered Warrior, enough of Dancer to earn SwordDance, mastered Cleric for healing... set for half or more than half of the game w Hero & Gabo.

Maribel in the meantime is already well on her way as a Sage.

Gonna blast thru the next few areas to the point where it doesn't matter what Melvin does.
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#106
Well by the time I had melvin first join not only did I have Hero already mastered (via the godhand) class before climbing the top of the tower where Melvin Joins but I had the 3 already at level 29 to 30.

Heck I had Paladin mastered before the 4x Bandits fight (Dharma Present Day) and level 24 party members but had access to the jobs directy at level 12 to 14.

But because I had Paladin mastered ASAP Sword Dance is worthless I had Vacuum do more damage and target all monsters on screen so Sword Dance isn't worth it if you fight more then 4 monsters on screen.
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: W_R

4 years ago#107
Yeah on my second playthrough I tried to lebel everyone up as quickly as possible before proceeding.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#108
I mostly did all my levels post job class changes and eventually while Gabo will match the party members levels ie by the time I had him at level 19 I had the Hero/Maribel at the same levels.

But after that he started to lag so once I had the other 2 hit level 21 or 22 I still had Gabo at level 19 and that won't change for the rest of the game.

Since by the time I had the hero at level 60 I had all the other 4 party members only at level 50 to 55.

User Info: ignasia7

4 years ago#109
Since these aren't large enough a group of codes to warrant a faq, and likely would be rejected if anyone attempted, I'll post zigzag's new codes here so they're never lost.

They are tested on the PSX version by myself, and they do work, though the job exp codes are slightly odd in that they jump around with the counts, but it is roughly one out of every two or three battles for a job level up at x16, so it's roughly 16 job points per battle (more like 1-20, averaging about 8-16, but it's hard to tell for sure).

zigzagitry posted...
I was able to convert some of the codes found on a japanese site

Exp multiplier
8004B618 XXXX
8004B61A 0010

Gold multiplier
8004C634 XXXX
8004C636 0004

Work/Job Exp multiplier
8004B800 XXXX
8004B802 0010

2880 4 times
28C0 8 times
2900 16 times
2940 32 times
2980 64 times
29C0 128 times

Message speed conversation (the default text speed is soo slow....)
800251E0 0091

I was only able to test this under epsxe and pec.
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User Info: cain0505

4 years ago#110
If I change class before mastering my current one, can I come back and master it later?

Yes, but you’ll be hit with a 30-battle penalty for doing so. You’ll know you’ve passed the 30 battles when a “level-up” message says the character “is making up”.

Just wanted to let the op know that the above Q/A is incorrect. There is no such penalty for switching classes. The "making up" message is displayed after 30 battles when switching back to a class (mastered or not) that has reached maturity (level 5). This means that the character now meets the requirements to learn a hybrid skill by switching to another class and either reach maturity or make up. I tested this out after debating on another forum and the other poster referred me to this topic.
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