Immigrant town tips?

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User Info: thunderbird006

4 years ago#31
The metalking armor(no not the armor itself) is a waste.. It costs 30000 gold, and 50000 tokens per helm and 30000 per armor...

That and there are other armor that can replicate the effects of the metalking armor, albeit at a lower resistance.. So it's not neccesary. Very helpful, and certainly the best armor set you can get , if you have the time and patience to get it that is.... I swear sometimes, the trouble to getting these kinds of things......

Nice thought on the stone. Seems interesting.
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#32
As for the mirror shield/armor if not abusing 4x Ultra hit per turn in boss fights its useless since the mirror equips in any dragon quest game not only reflect enemy spells but they will reflect your own as well.

So that means any PC that has such a armor won't be able to increase their physical/magical defense/resist stats OR casting healing spells (besides Hustle) on themselves in battle since it will be reflected back and hit the monsters instead.
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