How many hours have you clocked in?

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User Info: jringg

4 years ago#11
Barkita posted...
I did one save that had over 300 hours in it.

Back in 2005, I clocked 286h:46m, using my retail copy (picked up from a pawn shop for $10 barely used) and my PS2. Hero, Gabo, "the great hero", and "the dancer" had all human classes mastered. I abandoned Maribel as early as possible, didn't like her early on. Gabo was partway into some monster classes for fun.

Some of that time was inflated from falling asleep in my room playing late-night DW7, mainly job grinding. Barkita's got me topped, that's impressive, I thought I logged an insane amount. 300+ is just unreal.

Fast forward to 2013: I'm on my second full playthrough, just got "the great hero", at 45h (roughly). Playing it on PSX emulator so my wife can enjoy the TV as I enjoy my widescreen PC monitor.

Relishing the freedom to QuickSave and "pause" the emulator to do grownup stuff now (lol), oh how things change from being 22 and a bachelor to 30 and married.

Yet, I still love this game.
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