Are classes / skills actually essential? Or can I just grind to like level 45?

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User Info: nfrazee28

3 years ago#51
I will actually grant there is a logic and a defensibility to this specific point. Even the best pitcher will occasionally find the worst batter's bat for him.
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User Info: behindtheword

3 years ago#52
There's only one problem here nfrazee, and while you CAN say that he makes a point, he doesn't.

Why? Vegh is insinuating he actually PLAYED as Shepherd past the point of class leveling to Godhand at Dharma. This contradicts all earlier statements that he stayed as Godhand, or in the way past when he used to say he stayed as Hero the whole game but ensured everyone learned Godhand for Ultra Hit.

The second issue is he states it as though "only 3" people in his party were made Shepherds, which intimates that one did not. This also contradicts all earlier statements, because he insists he always, and I mean ALWAYS maxes out the Hero/Maribel/Gabo team to Godhand, or Hero, in Dharma Past before going back to the Present to continue onward.

How can he intimate that only 3, meaning 1 did not, master Shepherd, as 1 not mastering it means 2 mastered it? Afterall the next party member isn't until another 20-50 hours passes (depending on how one plays the game).

The third issue, and the most glaring issue is his statement he only had 2 Priests/Fighters.

Now if everyone always gets Godhand (and maybe Hero), every single person MUST master both Priest and Fighter. That means 3x Fighters and Priests before he leaves Dharma, the most consistent statement in his Job leveling advice aside from his point he always uses UltraHit on every boss after Dharma. This also means both of the new characters must also level Fighter/Priest to mastery. Afterall, Godhand is Paladin + Dragoon, Paladin is Fighter + Priest, and Dragoon is Fighter + Warrior.

Now assuming Vegh decides to double back and state he goes all the way to Hero again, rather than just Godhand, as he did a few weeks ago, since he's always confused on how far he "always" levels up "always" around Dharma "always" before leaving Dharma Past, there are certain secondary classes he can learn without Priest or Fighter. He could go Tamer, TeenIdol, Ranger, and/or Pirate. However, if he decides to argue this point, then he's again intimating he is a liar because it means at least one person did not master Godhand, thus did not have UltraHit, thus cancels all previous statements, and further muddies the water on his "supposed playthroughs", and yet further proves he likely has never once played this game as he has probably never once played any game, and we're merely toying with a troll. Oh, I guess given everything in this topic and the points below, I've already planted enough evidence to suggest I'm right.

The fourth issue, and a lesser issue. Vegh has always stated the reason he doesn't use any other class but Godhand, and in the past Hero, is that their stats are bad, they're weak, and their class bonuses aren't worthwhile. Now he's saying he has? Which is it when prior to this Vegh "always" uses only Godhand, or before that, "always" uses Hero but spams Ultrahit either way.

Getting sloppy again Vegh. Must've lost your notes, or maybe it's an intended breach of protocol, or perhaps a short in your circuitry. Afterall, veghetables were never meant to be sentient, nor have any real brain capacity to link up to computers. Poor cpu, what is it, an Atom?
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User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#53
Well before I made 3x Godhands ASAP I made all 3 party members learn whistle First then started the master Priest + Warrior for the Paladin job after whistle is usable by all 3 party members.

Besides I unlocked the jobs at level 12 to level 15 so by the time I met the job level cap of level 24 for Dharma Temple I had Paladin mastered and Shepherd at level 5 (and learned) the hybrid spell Increase even though I never used it.

Yes I used 3 Priests and Fighters but only bothered to master both jobs after having 3x Whistle users not just 1 whistle user as in I wanted all pc's in the current party to clear the current job abilities all at the same time.

I only used Dharma temple past for grinding at level 22 to 23 the levels I first job grinded at level 12 to 15 was on Mt Cede present day as 3x Shepherds which I had whistle usable by all 3 pc's around level 17.

Then from level 17 to 19 I grinded at Falrod/Mecha base and had Priest mastered at level 19.

From level 19 to 21 I grinded at the next region for job levels Verdham and the Cave NW of the same town in the past and had Fighter mastered and Paladin at level 2 to 3 AT level 21.

Then from level 21 to 24 I easily had Paladin/Dragoon easily both mastered by level 24.

But for Godhand ASAP I had to use the Dune Region for it hence the boss of the Evil Statue is the first one I could use Ultra hit on.

While I do only use Godhands I only permanently made them Godhands for all 5 party members after ALL the human jobs are mastered and not before while sill only using Ultra hit until after boss starting with the Evil Statue one onwards is dead.

No I only powered up Shepherd to level 5 to have 3 Whistle users ASAP but Only mastered it by anybody after Godhand/Hero/Sage/Summoner are ALL at master level.

By the time I finished the Time Tower boss I had not only Hero mastered but I had all in the sage mastered by level 31.

However by level 45 I had ALL 5 pc's in every human job at master level using the very first area's that's possible that has no level cap.

Yes for Mevin/Aria I skipped the Shepherd class until Godhand/Hero/Sage/Summoner are ALL mastered by both of them (on disc 1).

Hours wise despite all the above grinding my end of disc 1 file was only at 60 hours not +100.

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#54
For Tamer/Ranger/Pirate those 3 jobs are the ones I all mastered after godhand, hero, sage, summoner are all mastered first by all 5 party members.

Yes no matter which job I'm at with all the human ones mastered first I still only used Ultra hit x4 in boss fights though its best to not do that with low max MP jobs on disc 2.

Btw for monster classes I only started to work on those after all human jobs are mastered (Gabo) only but only used the free monster hearts from those chests then switched back to high MP human jobs to still abuse Ultra hit.

Also Assuming the 3DS version does get localized I'll be able to use Ultra hit on those 4x Bandits boss (south of Dharma temple) present day since its even easier to master all jobs by level 20 (from level 12) on the 3DS version.

Heck I mastered all jobs ASAP save for Liquid Metal Slime/Dragon in DQ6 DS version ASAP the only difference is at first I didn't have all pc's learn whistle mostly because the job class that has it sucks and easily had all jobs mastered around level 45 to 50 as well.

User Info: krw703

3 years ago#55
I don't know what to be more amazed at... the double post, the fact that if GFAQs didn't have an edit button he would've posted 8 times in a row or this:

VeghEsther posted...
Yes I used 3 Priests and Fighters but only bothered to master both jobs after having 3x Whistle users not just 1 whistle user as in I wanted all pc's in the current party to clear the current job abilities all at the same time.

That is all you had to say for anyone to drop the subject. You know why? It isn't an excuse and actually makes sense.
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User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#56
Despite mastering all human jobs ASAP to not actually run out of MP for Ultra hit abuse I needed about 10 more levels (level 55) at least for the post game bosses.

All others I beat with 3 to 4x Ultra hit per turn without running out of MP to use it.
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