Whee, yet another playthrough.

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User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#21
I always have a hard time figuring out what to use MadCat for. There're a few breeds that use a MadCat as the second monster to get a Rayburn, which is certainly tempting, although May's Rayburn sort of eliminates the need for it. There's also a Skeletor breed involving MadCat, and that, too, is useful. Perhaps the best is Roboster + MadCat for a KingLeo, though after umpteen playthroughs end with KingLeo as one of your main three, it does start to get a bit routine.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#22
Well, Teto was absolutely pathetic. Again. On the flip side, however, he was the only one of the three masters that managed to actually lay a hand on me before I killed him, so I guess he deserves props for that.

DeadNoble Lv. 19
ATK: 170
DEF: 172
AGL: 121
INT: 142
HP: 205
MP: 118


MetalDrak Lv. 20
ATK: 189
AGL: 115
INT: 106
HP: 163
MP: 136


There was also a level 16 Coatol who was less than impressive, but knew Boom, which, besides the occasional BlazeAir, was the only attack it used. She's now been replaced.

WhipBird Lv. 1
ATK: 62
DEF: 64
AGL: 102
INT: 43
HP: 81
MP: 40

WhipBird's the offspring of a Blizzardy and a Rayburn; that, coupled with the simple fact that it's a whipbird, should mean it'll easily outstrip the other two when it gets within about 5 levels of them.

I still don't have any plans for the DeadNoble, it was the ultimate goal of the breeding chain that produced it. It's been a solid, dependable, fairly well-rounded monster with a decent skillset, but it's just not quite what I'm looking for, so I probably wouldn't rebreed it.

MetalDrak will, along with a Healer I've been leveling up concurrently, eventually become a Metaly. The plan was for this to happen sooner rather than later, but its consistently impressive stat gains and formidable offense (being pretty close to the DeadNoble despite having perhaps 2/3 its xp) make me reluctant to give it up just yet. Still, the Metal Slime family make excellent healers, and they're typically the only megamonsters I bother with before SNT, or, for that matter, at all. So we'll see what happens.

User Info: mriswith70

8 years ago#23
I always have a hard time figuring out what to use MadCat for.

Madcat + MetalMan's Fangslime = Unicorn.
Pete (May's[?] Stoneman) + Funk = Sabreman
Sabreman + Mila's Skeletor = Roboster
Roboster + Unicorn = Kingleo

I'm the same way about the Blizzardy and Rayburn to get a Whipbird. It's one of my favorite monsters, and I almost always use it to make a GreatDrak, another of my favorites. (Dran works well for the dragon family monster.)

Great thing is, for both of these lines, it's meat-free. The only monster you don't always get is whatever you use to make Blizzardy, and I've yet to have a play through where a Dracky doesn't join me on its own in Beginner. (Also eliminates trying to get the right gender, or re-breeding to get the right one, since foreign monsters can breed with either gender, Pete is always male, Funk is always female, and you can change the gender on the others.
REJOICE. For very bad things are about to happen. ~Richard, Looking For Group

User Info: Joketoml

8 years ago#24
Just took out Wrex.

Goategon +1 lvl 23 Waiting on Gigaslash
atk 150
def 119
agl 142
int 150
hp 178
mp 127


Blizzardy +1 lvl26
atk 124
def 170
agl 191
int 115
hp 186
mp 95


mad raven +3 lvl22
atk 158
def 122
agl 165
int 123
hp 193
mp 125

high jump

Since I just had the earthquake I'll finish out the monster farm gate and Strength before anymore breeding. Raven is going to be become a whip bird courtesy of the Rayburn. Since Blizzardy doesn't have any healing skills I'll use to make madcondor since I have a saberman and picky to make the coilbird. I think I'll breed goategon with may's stoneman to get a gulpbeast and that should be my final party. Since I can't rerun gates I want to things settled around the time I beat A class.
The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#25
Well, I got bored and skipped B class. I actually might've skipped C class, too, I'm not sure. Either way, got my StoneMan, bred my Metaly, we'll see what happens. It's entirely possible I'll regret saddling myself with a megamonster before Control, but it shouldn't be too tough to breed a replacement if that winds up being the case. I've also got a Unicorn egg on the farm I haven't bothered hatching that I can use, too, so I'm not too worried.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#26
Also, here he is.

Metal Slime Lv. 1
ATK: 81
DEF: 81
AGL: 84
INT: 61
HP: 74
MP: 68

Unfortunately, his max level's only 28. Of course, we'll see if I have the patience to make it even that far. Heh. Anyway, he's the product of a Healer and a MetalDrak, so he'll be a competent healer/nuker once he grows up a bit.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#27
Blargh, triple post. And if I keep forgetting to mention stuff, that might actually not be the end of it. =S

Anyway, just beat the FunkyBird gate, now I'm going onto SkyDragon. Having my main healer being immune to Scorching should be nice, and its hp should be sufficient to take a couple hits once I get him a few levels and his defense gets up to Metal Slime levels. I'm not sure if I'll do the other gates past this on order or not. Also not sure what to breed with Teto's Yeti.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#28
Here we go, number four. =P

SkyDragon's toast. I beat him up for a while, then let him kill off my DeadNoble and WhipBird when it seemed like he was getting close to dead. I had my Metal Slime cast Increase a few times, just to make damned certain that the only way to damage it was with a critical hit. Once the other two was dead, I just had the slime attack. It only did around 18-20 damage, but the SkyDragon was dealing 0-1. Eventually the dragon fell, the slime got like 8k xp all to himself and went from level 7 to level 9.

The fun part is, if this one ever hits the 28 cap, I've got another Metal Slime on the farm to breed it with. I've had several GoldSlimes before, many Metal Slimes, and a couple MetalKings, but I don't think I've ever had a Metal Babble before.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#29
Alright, so after SkyDragon I went after Jamirus. It was a joke. After a couple Increases, QuadHits was doing 1 damage a shot. Firebolt did nothing to 1/3 of my team and unimpressive damage to the other 2/3. SickLick worked the first time, as did PoisonAir, which makes for a short fight.

Not gonna do Temptation just yet, as IIRC that's the one with the Centasaur, and I'd like to catch it. So I'm moving on to Judgment, which I think is the one Akubar is behind. He's usually been a challenge in the past, but then again, so have SkyDragon and Jamirus, so we'll see what happens.

User Info: Maxim_Shadow

8 years ago#30
Weirdly enough, just Akubar's gate itself is proving sorta tricky. My monsters are level 24, 24 and 12, and most of the enemies here seem to be in their 30's. Which isn't a problem, since I'm still a hell of a lot stronger, but the HammerMen seem to be getting really lucky with their EvilSlashes lately. My Metal Slime only has about 110 hp, and they hit for close to 160 damage, so that's an issue. The DeadNoble knows Vivify and HealAll, and can usually handle things with the help of the WhipBird, whose ludicrous hp means even lucky EvilSlashes aren't really a threat unless it gets hit with it 3 or 4 times a round.

Typically, I'm fast enough for dual IceStorms from WhipBird & DeadNoble to eliminate the HammerMen, but I also seem to be getting pre-empted like every other battle. Does initiative in combat have anything to do with levels?
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