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User Info: Idfection

5 years ago#1
First off I wanted to answer GirlInTheCorner's question; I have created a Super with 13.6 weight, and it can hold the heaviest set with 99 evasion.

I also wanted to thank SkirkOutrider for all that information on phrases. It was enlightening and helpful. I had noticed duplicate patterns, but never saw the relation with the first word. I drew out some more results in a spiral and I think your theory is 100% accurate.

Now onto the thread. As easy as it is to make a low weight Super dragon, I personally decided that the 'perfect' dragon would have to be more limited. With a Super's infinite lifespan, enough isuka visits and you have all 999 stats including HP.

So now the quest evolves.

I decided the ultimate dragon would be one with as close to max stats as possible while NOT being a super.

Lets say Dragon seeds was somehow popular, and there were tournaments. Supers wouldn't be allowed, because every one of them would have max stats, minus a few people too lazy to max evasion. But tourney ~without~ supers would be much more diverse.

So I went on to find out just how good a dragon could be with the limited lifespan of OLD or MUTANT.

Enter Zenith, the 3rd attempt, my current crustacean Senior. He is 21, but has amazing stats for where he is. Max Speed and Muscle of course, because those are easy. Special is only 550ish right now but there is plenty time left to max that. (I hate the special training)
Which brings us to Weight and Hp, the hardest challenge for a dragon with limited years.
His weight at the moment is 17, his HP 755. This was incredibly tedious. It meant several hundred Isuka visits, only accepting if he had Iron weed.

Now I am playing on a ps3, so not only do I not have save states, but the soft reset is much more tedious.

Luckily my wife loved helping me reset thousands of times and after two sick days straight we accomplished him.

Now I am at a dilemma. He still has 250 hp left to go, but any more weight and he loses evasion. There are light weapons but he loses Damage.
Where would you go from here? Gain the last HP and lose evasion? I feel confident that 755 is more than any other non-super I could run into (like I could ever find another dragonseeds player irl lol) but it isn't MAX. But I feel like if I go to max HP and lose almost all of my evasion, I shouldn't have bothered training speed in the first place. Granted even max evasion in this game does very little, In my opinion.

I plan on cloning him via memory card trades so I can have both an old and mutant version of him, but since the cloning process adds on one increment of weight I have to be careful with that. I suppose I could have the old version go HP (it fits flavor-wise that he would be slower) and the Mutant go evasion.

Regardless here's a tip of the hat to a great unknown game. I wish you had been more popular old friend.
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