Are there any benefits to getting this game on the Dreamcast instead of the PS2?

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  3. Are there any benefits to getting this game on the Dreamcast instead of the PS2?

User Info: EventualDecline

5 years ago#1
I've been thinking of finally ordering this game on Amazon for the DC, and I thought I remember hearing a decade ago that the Dreamcast version is superior. Like how the Dreamcast versions of Rez, Grandia 2, Rayman 2, and possibly Code Veronica, are apparently superior to the PS2 versions.

But now I hear that the PS2 version has slightly improved graphics, and fixes a bunch of the bugs. So I'm thinking of going with that one. Is there any reason to get the DC version, other than nostalgic purposes, and DC collection purposes?
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User Info: Rexdragon125

5 years ago#2
IIRC the PS2 version was indeed made after the DC version. The PS2 version has a nicer map and compass HUD. And the draw distance might be a little better.

User Info: Celebi7242

5 years ago#3
Warning: I've not actually played the DC version, myself, but I have seen videos and the like, so I will be going off of that.

The PS2 version is superior, and there's nothing that the DC version does better than it. The PS2 has a couple throw-in little things that make certain levels easier (the ones in question are all rather difficult anyway. If you want the little extra challenge, go for it -- but it's not much).

Also, the PS2 version patched up some glitches. None of them are game-breaking, however, and you really have to go out of your way to find them. Worst comes to worst, all you'll have to do is restart the level.

I can't say much about gameplay, but the graphics in the PS2 are... very slightly better, perhaps (a spiral effect on the sonar and sonar maps, I believe, and also the useless little compass-y thing that you can toggle in the corner. Although I don't know that that *wasn't* in the DC version per se).

Oh, and in the PS2 version, there are two possible solutions/ways to exit a certain level, as opposed to only one in the DC version. (The PS2's extra method is easier, but they're both possible.) And the PS2 has the Gallery, as well, making the game's collectibles slightly more useful.

But really, it's a matter of choice. The DC version isn't impossible (at least, I'm sure it's not), and it's not too different from the PS2 re-release.

And this ended being much longer than I intended, so... I hope you'll excuse my mindless rambling. Whichever version you choose, I'm sure you'll enjoy the game.
Cel - Ms. Lurksalot

User Info: EventualDecline

5 years ago#4
^Ok, thanks for the info. Looks like the PS2 version is all around superior and the way to go, although the DC version doesn't really seem to be that different. Looks like the PS2 version is the better one to own though.

Rexdragon125 posted...
IIRC the PS2 version was indeed made after the DC version.

Yeah, the PS2 version did indeed come out about a year and a half after the DC version. Which one came out first is irrelevant though, because with the games I mentioned in my original post, all of those were later ported to the PS2 after the original DC release, and many people consider most of those games superior on the DC, graphically at least.

I guess that's not the case with Ecco at all though.
"High speed progress, step by step, into a trap....."

User Info: Riveller

4 years ago#5
What to say?

I have both versions and they have pros and cons but I think I would get the DC version because in this version Ecco's tattoo is complete while the PS2 lacks a few stars when you look Ecco from the front. It's unbearable (to me) a low res and incomplete tattoo on Ecco's "forehead".


wins in: colour and graphic effects, presence of a gallery, easier to do some tasks and absence of glitches that make you go out the level architecture never to return;

loses in: music during cut scenes (they're all distorted and even if you never saw the DC version you'll notice that something is wrong there), save system (DC is automatic), texture (Ecco's tattoo), lack of the DC beautiful ending music.

I would add the map sonar but perhaps it's my incapacity to understand the PS2 version, while the DC is very simple to follow.

If you REALLY likes Ecco and can get both version, get them. If not, get the one that you think to be better.

User Info: Celebi7242

4 years ago#6
save system (DC is automatic)

Wait, but wasn't the PS2's automatic too? I'm not sure on the other stuff (but I would believe it, since the PS2's music is a little wonky in cutscenes at times). 'Cause every time a level is finished, it'll say something like, "Saving data, please don't turn off the power". (Manual) saving was done by going to the start menu and exiting the level, I think.
Cel - Ms. Lurksalot

User Info: Riveller

4 years ago#7
Celebi7242 posted...
Wait, but wasn't the PS2's automatic too?

Yes, yes! You got me there. I was in a hurry when I wrote the last message so I couldn't explain better.
The DC version has a better saving system because you don't even see when the game is being saved and it also have some invisible "save spots" inside the levels. If you accomplish a certain task and decides to stop playing, you will not be forced to play the whole level again, restarting from the last save spot. Not all levels have this capability though.
And there are the vitalits. In the DC version the game saves instantly when you get a vitalit. This was boring if you wish to play without them and accidentally touches a vitalit - it's over. I know because I had to restart several times in order to make a save file without them.
Check the save section above and you'll see my saved file without vitalits. That was hard to do, but not because of the smaller life bar.

Here's the ending song:

I couldn't find it in the PS2 version credits or anywhere else. But I still have to find all vitalits in some levels and perhaps the lacking vitalits may unlock anything.

I couldn't find a pic of Ecco's head in a close to show you, but look what I've found instead:

I think I've never that before. Ô_Ô

Here's the site link:

User Info: brumx

4 years ago#8
I find it hard to play DC port games on PS2 there way too CLEAN and pure for me I love the DC because it hides the fault of it's games.

User Info: Vyse_skies

4 years ago#9
I saw the ps2 version a couple weeks back for a mere £2
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User Info: Riveller

4 years ago#10
And why didn't you buy it? The gallery itself worth the £2.
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