Ken Godhand

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User Info: FanMattai

7 years ago#1
is sooooo a Jin/Kazuya Rip-off.

i luv him for it.
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User Info: DarkChrisss1995

7 years ago#2
Would you like some fries with that?
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User Info: TheBloodRed

7 years ago#3

I spend too much time running around as Vincent in his alternate costume to notice. xD

User Info: RamzaSilverburg

7 years ago#4
Ken Mishima

The name itself is pretty much a giveaway.

User Info: IceManAVWA

7 years ago#5
Have there been any official releases stating a relationship between Heihachi / Kazuya and Godhand?

User Info: DanPMK

7 years ago#6
The Square-Enix site says...



An ex-mercenary of the sinister Red Scorpion organization. Upon uncovering the true significance of the ancient ruins in regard to immortality, he severs his right arm as a means to leaving Red Scorpion, believing that his own plans for the ruins would make up for the sacrifice. Sharing some of what he knows with a powerful organization, he garners an ally that provides him with a new right arm along with the means to establish his own company dedicated to uncovering the secret of immortality. At the same time that he acquires a new right arm, he learns from his research teams that the EHRGEIZ stone may be the key to the ruins and the secret it holds. His growing ambition leads him to join the EHRGEIZ tournament in an attempt to gain possession of the weapon.


Age: 26
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Occupation: Ex-mercenary, at present, President of Mishima Construction Co.
Weapon (Special Attack): Arm Gun / Thunder / Grenades
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