How does Tobal no. 1 compare?

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User Info: xiangothdude

6 years ago#1
Hi all, I have fond memories of renting Ehrgeiz and have now just ordered it from amazon (The Bouncer just doesn't have the same depth or fun as Ehrgeiz does), I HATE the pressure sensative controls!

Anyway, I have been curious about DF's first 2 games? When compared to Ehrgeiz?

(I also have Bushido Blade) I'm very familiar with DF's controls and such.

User Info: AmbientHavoc

6 years ago#2
Ehrgeiz is better than Tobal no. 1. The characters in Tobal had a somewhat limited move set, and no pressure sensative controls. And the characters have basically the same ending after you beat the game with them. That game had some of the weirdest and goofy-looking bosses in a fighting game, I almost didn't even want to unlock them all. To me it was the poor man's Tekken. But it was the first fighting game to have a quest mode, I think. The reason why I say Ehrgeiz is better, is because it just has more stuff (and a better soundtrack).
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  3. How does Tobal no. 1 compare?

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