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User Info: Ikeban

6 years ago#1
Hi Ehrgeiz fans,

I like this Dungeon Mode in this game so much.
Now I searching for a game (or games) that is similiar to this Dungeon mode.
A RPG without big story, only a big Dungeon (or only a few Dungeons) where I can level up, collect weapons and when I am strong enough, I defeat the Boss.
Do you know such a game on PS1, PS2 or better: on PS3?

By the way, I find a game called "Monster Hunter" on PS2.
It lookes a bit like such a game, can maybe somebody confirm it?


6 years ago#2
Dark Cloud 2 (PS2) came to mind. It has a big story, but once you get past the first bit, it sort of starts to take a back seat. It's also a dungeon crawler, with randomly-generated dungeons (so every time you enter any given floor, it'll be a different layout than last time). You can collect weapons, but mostly you make them through various means and level/power them up, rather than leveling the character. And there's a ton of things to do on the side. So, not incredibly similar, but I still recommend it if you can find it for a decent price.

Also, maybe Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. I haven't played it, personally, but it got better reviews than Legends and I thought that was fun.
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