Best Walkthrough not to miss Crew Members?

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User Info: Ezero_De_Milo

5 years ago#11
DigiDude77 posted...
xD I meant one that shows them in order. :P Completionist = Getting things as soon as I can. ;)

Well that's what I mean though. Once you get the Blue Moon Crystal, for the most part they're all fair game. By that point, you'll have what you need to go pretty much anywhere above and below the clouds, so there's no particular order you have to get them. But the list is:

*Marco: You get him as soon as you get the ship.
*Polly: Talk to her in the tavern in Sailor's Island
*Lawrence: Talk to him in Sailor's Island (I believe near the guild office) and pay his fee.
*Pinta: Talk to him in the Weapon shop in Sailor's Island
*Pow: Talk to him on Pirate Island
*Khazim: He's up in the area with the canon in Nasrad
*Osman: Talk to her in her shop (or in the remains of it after Nasrad is attacked).
*Domingo: Talk to him in Gordo's Bistro after getting 30 discoveries.
*TikaTika: Talk to him in Ixa Taka near the back towards the Elder's hut, at the top of the ladders.
*Meridia: Talk to her in the bar (with the slides) in Ixa Taka. Make sure to grab the Message in a Bottle in the Lighthouse in Sailor's Island first.
*Robinson: Find him in the Rift and talk to him with Polly in your active Crew.
*Kirala: Go down the waterfall in Yafutoma with the tub boat and praise her when prompted.
*Urala: Talk to her after you recruit Kirala
*Moegi: She joins automatically
*Ryu-Kun: Talk to him with Vyse the Daring status.
*Hans: Talk to him on Centime's ship in Ixa Taka.
*Don: Talk to him in the bar in Esparanza
*Kalifa: Talk to her in her fortune telling hut in Maramba, make sure you have the Surien Blade equipped.
*Brabham: Automatic
*Izmael: Automatic
*Belle: Talk to her at the Crescent Island (Aka your HQ) docks.
*Ilchymis: Talk to him on his island above Valua after learning Riselem.

Like I said though, you can find them in any order you want, since you have free reign of Arcadia after you get the schematics for above and below cloud flight.
Secrets are what make treasures golden.
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