I finally beat this game!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILERS)

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User Info: wmichon

4 years ago#1
Actually i beat this game last Friday but you bet your by golly i was excited when i beat it. I got this game 2 years ago and aboslutely loved everything about this game. Graphics were great, characters and story were interesting, music was great(my 2 favorite tunes are the Lower City theme and the Nasrad theme), the battle system was fun, the ship battles were epic, the game was long and i loved it, the replay value is definatley high with all the discoveries, chams to find, and crew member. Two years ago i made it to the Hydra ship battle and could never beat it, it was way to hard for me so I took sometime off from the game as thats what I do when i have trouble with a game. I took about 2 years off lol and finally went back to it these past 2 weeks. I found so much more stuff on my 2nd playthrough than the first, i found more crew members and more dicoveries( especially that darn SPICE ISLAND -_- lol)

The ship battles for me are the hardest part of the game but I still love them, I remember when u got the red moon stone u had to fight Belleza in the ship and then i had to fight the red giga, i hated it I dont know how many times i had to retry that part becasue i didnt have a lot of health left from the other fight but i perservered. It was easier in my 2nd playthrough because i came prepared with plenty of complete kits and also lot of sacrums in regular battles. The bosseds in this game are very memorable to me. I think one of my favortie or most noteworthy part of this game for me was when Galcian uses the Rains of Destruction to wipe out Valua, I was shocked and felt bad for the people of Lower City but not so much for the stuck up rich people in Upper city. Poor Enrique is constantly losing family members i felt so bad for him.

The boss in Mount Kazaii was pretty tough for me too when i first played it( that blasted Steelskin) I liked that the credits told u wat happened to the characters after the events in this game, although i was a little sad to hear Drachma died though :'( . I loved the optimistic story, it had its dark moment but it for the most part wasnt a downer, and inspired me. How did it inspire me idk but by golly with optimism like the story in this game u can bet it lifted my spirits. When i beat this game for the first time i was really close to restarting the whole entire game, thats how much i loved it, and this time i wanted to get all the discoveries, chams, and crew members. In fact maybe in the future I'll buy this game again on the Gamecube since I love it so much and theres more content on it too ;)

This game to me was perfect even when the random ecounters got annoying the game always seemed to reward me for perservering though hard parts. O yeah there is one more thing i learned on my 2nd playthough of this game. When i made it to the Galcian fight he kept killing Vyse which kept making me mad. Aika had been cursed so i made Fina give her the Curia Crystal and for some strange reason i just decided to pick riselem, and it was pointed to Vyse. Im thinking to myself why is that happening he's dead. I set it to him and come to find out it brought him back to life :O I was so shocked and excited but also felt so stupid. Why didnt i use Riselem before lol i could have really leveled out Fina a lot more and would have saved a lot of trouble for me, but better late than never I guess hahaha. This game is amazing m and this is so far my first and only console or JRPG style game for me. I hope other RPGs please me the way this game did. What was your guy's favorite part, character, music, etc. Discuss

User Info: duelmaster918

4 years ago#2
Congratulations! Glad to hear you had such a great time with SoA. It still stands my favorite game of all time.

My favorite theme would definitely have to be Horteka, though Nasrad isn't too far behind.

It's been quite some time since I've played, but the most memorable scenes that come to mind are Drachma's supposed demise, and the destruction of Crescent Isle. Have to say I loved the epilogue as well!

Your post is making me seriously want to replay this game. Can only hold out for so long, lol.

User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#3
Ramirez is such a cool villain.
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User Info: wmichon

4 years ago#4
@duelmaster918 yes you definately need to play this gem again and yeah that scene when Valua destroys Crescent Isle shocked me too when I first played it and yes @BosSBaer
he is a pretty good villian =D

User Info: Shotgunnova

4 years ago#5
Good job on beating it! Just went through again myself. I didn't use Enrique for the final stretch, so I was kinda surprised how easy Justice Shield made everything. Last time I did the final bosses, I had to have Fina guard most of the time since she was usually OHKO-worthy.

My favorite theme would definitely have to be Horteka, though Nasrad isn't too far behind.

Horteka's theme rocks. <3
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User Info: TamakeriRules

4 years ago#6
Amazing game that didn't get enough credit.

Probably my 4th favorite RPG or so.
Is there even anything bad about tamakeri?
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  3. I finally beat this game!!!!!!!!!!!( SPOILERS)

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