Quina's level 5 death blue magic..?

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User Info: Tyek_1230

7 years ago#1

I have barely ever used Quina in my parties in the past, but I have heard that this spell helps when making your party super powerful against some certain monsters in late disc 3.

So, as I just entered disc 3, and so I do not pass it up later... what does Quina have to eat and when to learn the Level 5 Death?

User Info: Master_Gamer

7 years ago#2
Blue Magic is never missable. You can miss one of the spells until the very end of the very last dungeon, but nothing missable. You learn Level 5 Death from quite a few enemies like most Blue Magic, but IIRC the easiest way is a Whale Zombie on the shores of areas you could only get to with a boat or a Zombie Dragon or Stroper from the Iifa Tree.
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User Info: nudipants

7 years ago#3
i think i read on another thread you need to eat an undead whale(?) monster near a beach, im not that far in the game so i dont know were it is sorry D:
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User Info: Peter_19

7 years ago#4
It's the beach close to Esto Gaza, and probably the easiest way to get LV5 Death.

Or at least it is easy enough to be perfectly sufficient for anyone. =P

User Info: terran3999999

7 years ago#5
The main polish is that it works on Grand Dragons so fans of Quina use that as a massive easy way to power up.

Its not really needed.
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User Info: Peter_19

7 years ago#6
^ 5 best reasons to use Quina:

1. Auto-Life + Limit Globe for EX2PG Challenges
2. LV5 Death for torturing Grand Dragons
3. White Wind for OMFG super-duper-wonderful MT healing
4. Mighty Guard for OMFG super-duper-powerful defense against everything
5. Frog Drop for potentially guaranteed 9999 DMG 24/7

M I rite?

User Info: Hockeyking89

7 years ago#7
6. S/he's wonderfully funny. :)
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User Info: kuter

7 years ago#8
Wasnt there a sidequest with quina pointing out he was a guy?

User Info: VeghEsther

7 years ago#9
Whale Zombies show up at ANY beach but I find the beach nearest the Chocobo's Lagoon to have easier battles when the Whale Zombie doesn't show up.

User Info: Peter_19

7 years ago#10
6. S/he's wonderfully funny. :)

Oh yeah, that too.
By the way, Rally-ho yourself.
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