Oeilvert party?

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User Info: Halladay32

7 years ago#1
Will all of my party members that use magic be useless in Oeilvert? I'm worried about this anti-magic barrier Kuja mentioned...
I know there's a boss there, so I wanted to bring along Eiko and Vivi, but will they end up being unable to do much of anything in that battle?
And if they are truly ineffective, any suggestions on who I should bring?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: das_Ausmerzer

7 years ago#2
well, you end up using the leftover group at a point just after Oeilvert, so make the groups balanced-ish.

one white mage per party. leave Vivi behind as his amgic is not good there :( on this ground i also left Steiner as no sword magic tends to castrate him a bit.

I tended to go with Amarant (decent combatant), Freya and Eiko.

User Info: raffydturtle

7 years ago#3
Everyone is basically under the "Silence" status effect inside Oeilvert.

This is your first playthrough? Bring Zidane, Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. If you've dug all the Chocographs in the Hot&Cold game so far, you should be able to find Freya's Ultimate Weapon on the same continent. Also, the enemy inside Oeilvert called the "Epitaph" will die when you use the item "Soft" on it. So that's easy XP and AP for you should you need it.

Question: Has Quina learned the Blue Magic "Level 5 Death" ? If he did, good for you, ALL the enemies in the Desert Palace are vulnerable to it. If you haven't, it might be a good idea to reload an earlier save just to learn it. You can eat Whale Zombies in the beaches of the Outer Continent to learn it.. You can also learn it from the Dragon Zombies and Stropers in the Iifa Tree.

A dollar is worth a day's gametime in two MMORPGs.

User Info: paulstreet

7 years ago#4
I bring a white mage because even if you can't use magic during the battle, you can still use Cure spells in between battles, which I find very handy when you can't get to a Moogle or the World Map.
Order of Ambrosia/FFXII, Mark of Conquest/FFX

User Info: raffydturtle

7 years ago#5
@ das_Ausmerzer

Why bring Eiko? No white magic there so the most she could do would be use items... If you just want an item thrower, I'd bring Dagger. Eiko's magic is too useful in the Desert Palace to bring her to Oeilvert.

Oh.. and if you do decide to bring Dagger to use items, let her take Steiner's spot... So Steiner and Vivi can use their combo skill in the Desert Palace... I still say just bring all the physical fighters to Oeilvert. Quina's Lvl 5 Death can take care of all the enemies in the Desert Palace, and Vivi can easily take care of the boss.. not to mention Quina's "Limit Glove" as well.
A dollar is worth a day's gametime in two MMORPGs.

User Info: True_Fan

7 years ago#6
Lv5 death:D

User Info: raffydturtle

7 years ago#7
It's been a while since I've actually played a normal playthrough.. Can anyone confirm that you can use magic in between battles in Oeilvert??

Also, whatever your lineup.. keep Quina in the Desert Palace party. Quina is a BEAST that can get you through the Desert Palace on his own. He has three spells that simply just OWN that place.

Level 5 Death: I've already detailed this in a previous post.. ALL normal enemies in the palace fall to this spell.

Magic Hammer: takes away the boss's MP.. making it near impotent. You can learn this from Magic Vices in Burmecia.

Limit Glove: duh, the only 9999 damage skill you'll have access to at this point. Learn it from Axe Beaks outside Lindblum or Mandragoras in the forests near Chocobo's Forest.

also Auto-Life: a nice combo and set-up for Limit Glove. You would only have gotten one chance to learn this spell at this point in the game so I doubt you have it. You could have learned it from Carrion Worms in Cleyra.
A dollar is worth a day's gametime in two MMORPGs.

User Info: DarkChocobo47

7 years ago#8
I would advise against bringing all melee fighters into Oeilvert. The encounters there aren't really challenging and you CAN use white magic if you simply... walk outside! Yeah you can walk outside, heal up, then walk back in if you ever need to so you don't waste your potions. I do however advise that you use chemist on your characters for the boss fight because unless you want to use elixirs, healing for 400 damage at a time just won't cut it, especially if you try to steal everything from the boss. You might want to use Dagger as your white mage because you won't want to be randomly denied healing/ other white mage things in the dungeon that follows. I tried to use a well balanced party, so I chose Zidane, Dagger, Freya, and Quina for Oeilvert and left the rest of the characters in prison. That leaves Steiner and Vivi on the same team to do sword magic, and Amarant and Eiko for support and additional melee damage. But do whatever you want.

User Info: raffydturtle

7 years ago#9

Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Dagger to Oeilvert..

Quina, Vivi, Eiko, Amarant to Desert Palace..

I just remembered Amarant has "Chakra" to keep Quina's and Eiko's MP up.
A dollar is worth a day's gametime in two MMORPGs.

User Info: Halladay32

7 years ago#10
Yeah, this is my first time playing this game.
Quina does not have any of those three spells that would be useful...I've tried to balance character use, but I've completely neglected Quina (s/he's level 21, while the others are all low to mid 30s...).
Can you learn Level 5 Death in the Desert Palace, or should I just bring him/her along to Oeilvert then?

And I've heard that Steiner is useful against the boss in Oeilvert because of his Minus Strike attack (especially since I can equip HP+10% and HP+20% on him)

Oh, and I have not found any of the, er, Chocographs yet, because...I'd never heard of them until now, haha (like I said, it's my first time playing this xP)

So, I'm thinking of doing:

Oeilvert: Zidane, Steiner, Dagger, Quina
Desert Palace: Amarant, Eiko, Vivi, Freya

Sound reasonable enough?
Or are these two sections not difficult enough to bother being so cautious? ...
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