Something about pre-rendered backgrounds..

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User Info: Elyxard

8 years ago#1
I've always wondered how they are made. I don't know about anyone else.. but do pre-rendered backgrounds like in FF9 look much better than their full 3D counterparts in certain ways? And does anyone know the details about how they construct pre-rendered backgrounds? Are they really 2D backgrounds since there are times where a cinematic will end right on top of a pre-rendered background.

You get so much intricate detail, they're almost like a work of art with a 3d walking space imposed on top of it, which I assume is how they are done. With full 3D there's a lot more copy-paste and you lose the true uniqueness of specific areas from the slight lack of details. Of course it's different from game to game.

I say this because I'm replaying FF9 again.. and the city/dungeon backgrounds are gorgeous while the 3D ones (battle, world map) are just grainy and plain in comparison. You also see this in a lot of other games like the original Baldurs gate series, Onimusha, FF7, FF8, and many more that I'm forgetting where the backgrounds are gorgeous due to their 2D rendering. Just wondering what others think.

User Info: das_Ausmerzer

8 years ago#2
Theyre True 2D, properly rendered. Normally are picture that is scanned in.
Thats putting it crudely considering the work that does into them though.
I really like the uniqueness it gives every area, as alot of 3d worlds have copy and paste textures etc.
Some games do combine them well though, for example the farplanes in FFX.

I personally think that Games like Okami that make the drawing part of the game are so fantastic, but i know they are somewhat of a niche.

User Info: Solus

8 years ago#3
I also enjoy the older style of backgrounds, somehow even though they aren't nearly as defined or smoothed as their 3d counterparts they tend to feel more enthralling and real.

User Info: Gwendal

8 years ago#4
Nice to see a pre-rendered background appreciation topic. I really like this style almost makes the game feel like an interactive comic book, and they give a game a different feel from full 3D. You can really see how Square had mastered this style when they made this game, and the a lot of the backgrounds are gorgeous.

I think it`s a bit sad that we`ll probably never see any new games using this style, or at least very few. I can certainly see the advantages of full 3D, but there`s just something appealing about pre-rendered backgrounds to me.
"When you have given everything, then you have everything to gain."

User Info: Kouja

8 years ago#5
I agree. the Pre-rendered backgrounds really fit this game.

User Info: genuinelyRob

8 years ago#6
Yeah, one of the best parts about this game is the background detail. I love how when you go into a room, the screen detail expands to outside. In FFs up until that point, rooms have just been ambiguous places on a black background. FF9s beautifully prerendered backgrounds help make the game more magical and fantasy-like, IMO.
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