MOOGLES are so cute!

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User Info: KingOfViolence

5 years ago#21
Ceebs posted...
I've said it before, but I would LOVE it if Square did a game where the entire world population were moogles.

Hmmm... a Moogle game...
I like them as supporting characters, but a full game would be excessively adorable - I doubt I could handle it.

Plus, it would almost certainly be a Wii exclusive, and I'm NOT buying a Wii if I ever did wanna play it.
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User Info: EgoKiller801

5 years ago#22
bubbaXzone posted...
interesting video :)
UGH i hate moogles from ff12 now that i see this

I liked that video. I love the whole FF V part with Moogle Village and that awesome moogly song. Mog in VI and IX is my favorite of the various moogles. He was my favorite party member in VI and in IX he is so freaking cute, I just wanna cuddle that thing (and that's coming from a straight, grown man beard sporting man lol).

The moogles in FF XII are probably my least favorite but I do still like them. They have that cute part in the cutscene where you see Balthier's airship for the first time and Montblanc is awesome.
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User Info: QuaintPlatypus

5 years ago#23
Moogles are ugly.
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User Info: SS_Gokou

5 years ago#24
bubbaXzone posted...
I hate the moogles in dissida.
over sized pom pom and weird face.

This. Their version on this game's the best imo.
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